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Unlocking Programmatic Outcomes

Drive programmatic excellence with our industry-leading standards and outcomes management solution.


Unlocking Programmatic Outcomes

Drive programmatic excellence with our industry-leading standards and outcomes management solution.

Meaningful insights that elevate your program.

With Tevera, you can manage program-wide key assignment outcomes, including field experience outcomes, to support accreditation.

We understand that good data is crucial but that the real value is when it is shaped into something useful that helps your students excel. That’s why Tevera is the industry-leading solution that captures your programs data, tracks it, and helps you unlock powerful insights all in one, easy-to-use system.

Centralize your program’s outcomes management today.


Centralizing Outcomes Management

Just because assessments are critical to your program’s success doesn’t mean that they should be time-intensive to deliver and report on. Our solution eases the administrative burden for program administrators and simultaneously empowers your students, faculty, site supervisors, and program leadership.

From assessment delivery to reports to unlocking programmatic insights, Tevera ensures you have everything you need to keep your program humming along.

Outcomes Management Solutions

Assessment Delivery

Programmatic Outcomes

Unlocking Insights


Simplifying Accreditation

Unlock the power of your assessment data to simplify accreditation and reaccreditation. See and drive outcomes that were hidden by data dumps and disconnected assessments.

Accreditation Support Solutions

Standards Management

Accreditation Reporting

Elevating Student Excellence


Hear what current members are saying about Tevera.

Best Responses from Our Board Ever

“We got the best responses we’ve ever received from our last board presentation in large part due to the data collected by Tevera.”

Division Director

Highest Percent of Evaluations Completed… Ever!

“As a result of using Tevera, we’ve just had the highest percent of evaluations completed this term than we’ve ever had.”

Psychology Program Chair

Shows Us Program Holes So We Can Grow

“Tevera is doing what we need it to do. Everything is compact! I’m able to find everything I need and get the info I need for pedagogy. It’s showing our program holes so we can continue to grow as a university.”

Field Director

Streamlining CACREP Self-Study

“Part of (the CACREP self-study) is taking our 2 locations and making sure that we’re following the same processes and collecting the same information from students at each one and Tevera has been an incredible help in streamlining that process.”

Program Admin

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