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Streamline Program-Wide Assessments and Outcomes

Elevate student success, drive program outcomes, and unlock program insights in one, intuitive location.

Streamline Program-Wide Assessments and Outcomes

Drive student success, elevate program outcomes, and unlock program insights in one, intuitive location.

Centralize Program Outcomes Management

Tevera’s Program Outcomes platform simplifies collecting and reporting on all the data your program needs to manage in support of key standards, like accreditation.

From field experience to classroom work, anything that needs to be measured can be managed in Tevera.

Simplify Assessments, Reports, and Everything in Between

Tevera elevates program outcomes by simplifying every step of the process.


Step 1


We’ll guide you through building your complete assessment structure in Tevera. 

  • Identify the accreditation standards or program key performance indicators to which you’d like your program outcomes aligned

    Here are a few examples of assessment standards but the list is limitless!

  • Build assessment rubrics and forms aligned to those standards

  • Create assignments allowing students to upload key assignments, or artifacts, for assessment

  • Design an assessment structure that can be executed term-after-term


Step 2


Easily input student assessment data individually or for entire classes at once. Once your assessment structure is in place, your faculty will easily be able to track students’ progress, individually and in groups.

  • Review students’ key assignments.

  • Assess students on an individual basis, or evaluate all students at once using our dynamic group assessment tool.

  • Grade student performance directly in Tevera with scores automatically sent back to the course grade book in your learning management system.


Step 3


With just a couple of clicks, generate powerful reports on student and program outcomes. You’ll be able to pull comprehensive reports on student outcomes in any of the formats below, as well as filter them by assessor role, date range, cohort, or specialization for more targeted insights.


CACREP Accreditation

Step 4


Gain insights to drive continuous program improvement and student success. The ease of pulling reports and exporting student outcome data in any format you need enables program faculty to increase collaboration with internal and external stakeholders. As your assessment needs evolve, you can rebuild or refine your assessment structure in Tevera as needed, to reflect those changes, in a loop of continuous improvement!

  • Review program performance.

  • Evaluate assessment measures.

  • Set benchmarks for continuous improvement. 

How Tevera’s Program Outcome Platform Works

Measuring program outcomes has never been easier. No matter what standard you need to track, Tevera can streamline the process. You can expect a smooth process where we do the heavy lifting for you. 

Input Assessment Standards, KPIs, PLOs, and SLOs

Every program has assessment standards, key performance indicators (KPIs), program learning outcomes (PLOs), or student learning objective(s) it needs to report on. 

During this step, we’ll build the set of assessment standards you need to track to make sure all the data you’ll need to collect during the semester, and after, will be captured and securely saved.

With Tevera, you can report on as many outcomes as your program needs. For example, maybe you need to report on both program and university-specific KPIs and have a regular accreditation cycle. All of that is centralized and made easily accessible to you in our platform.

Here are a few examples of assessment standards but the list is limitless!

Create the Master Assessment Rubric

Next, the Tevera team does some computer muscling behind the scenes where we build a master assessment rubric that brings all of your assessment standards together. This master assessment rubric automatically aligns standards to assessment criteria and a rating scale to make quantifying student performance and progression a breeze.

Entering all assessment criteria into Tevera that students will be evaluated on throughout their program will maximize your program outcome reporting capabilities.

Build the Forms

Finally, we build forms, which are highly flexible and match to each assessment point. These forms are ultimately where your assessors will enter any and all necessary data. These forms can be added to class assignments for easy student assessment. 

The result? Easy-to-generate reports that pull all the data you need to measure, even across different assessment measures.

Trusted by Programs Like Yours

See what current Tevera members are saying about their experience.

A Game Changer to Our Program

“Tevera facilitates tracking students’ hours, submission, signature, and storing essential documents for the school and students, all in one place. Tevera was a game-changer to our program. It is undoubtedly a worthy investment!”

Program Administrator

Shows Us Program Holes So We Can Grow

“Tevera is doing what we need it to do. Everything is compact! I’m able to find everything I need and get the info I need for pedagogy. It’s showing our program holes so we can continue to grow as a university.”

Field Director

Streamlining CACREP Self-Study

“Part of (the CACREP self-study) is taking our 2 locations and making sure that we’re following the same processes and collecting the same information from students at each one and Tevera has been an incredible help in streamlining that process.”

Program Admin

Highest Percent of Evaluations Completed… Ever!

“As a result of using Tevera, we’ve just had the highest percent of evaluations completed this term than we’ve ever had.”

Psychology Program Chair

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