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Continuous Improvement Starts with Continuous Feedback from Our Member Community

Our product team releases new enhancements every two weeks in Product Sprints, this year named after types of sea creatures. Watch short videos to learn about each improvement, and check back often!

2023 Sprints


September 8, 2023|

What's New: Student insight into Site Attributes, a new In-State Experience Verification Report for California LPCC candidates, and renewed web accessibility conformance.


July 14, 2023|

What's New: Expedited communication with active supervisors, Help Box improvements, security concern request types, and lots of new themes!


May 19, 2023|

What's New: Filtering rubric reports by demographics, logging in as site supervisors, attribute fields in site records, and an email digest option to give you more say over your Tevera notifications!


April 21, 2023|

What's New: Occurrence tracking in timesheets, improvements to the invoicing process, and updates to the BBS In State Experience Verification.


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2022 Sprints


December 2, 2022|

What's New: We’ve split up the existing #514 - Track Hours Log and #522 - Summary of Hours reports into A and B versions, to better serve student and administrators’ unique needs.


October 21, 2022|

What's New: A read-only view of other users’ accounts for admins, track colors to help students distinguish between hours logged in different time tracks, an “expiration date” field for liability insurance, and a signature label to show who signed a form.


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