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Careers @ Tevera

We want you! Join the Tevera team and be a part of building a better future for higher education professionals, their students, and the communities they serve.

Tevera is the data controller for the information you provide during the process unless otherwise stated. If you have any queries about the process or how we handle your information please contact us at

All of the information you provide during the process will only be used for the purpose of progressing your application or to fulfill legal or regulatory requirements if necessary.

We will not share any of the information you provide during the recruitment process with any third parties for marketing. The information you provide will be held securely by us and/or our Human Resources Office whether the information is in electronic or physical format.

We will use the contact details you provide to us to contact you to progress your application. We will use the other information you provide to assess your suitability for the role you have applied for.

We do not collect more information than we need to fulfill our stated purposes and will not retain it for longer than is necessary. The information we ask for is used to assess your suitability for employment.

The Work We Do

We serve those who serve others so they can serve better.

Through our industry-leading, EdTech solution, we’re elevating field experience and programmatic outcomes by unlocking insights.

We’ve got big dreams and the plans to make them happen, and know that achieving them is only possible because of our incredible team. From our engineers to our member support staff to our product experts, every Teverian (yes, we’re giant nerds) is vital to giving our members the best experience possible.

The Way We Work


We keep our promises, tell the truth, and own up to our mistakes, even when it hurts.


We listen to understand, learn to get it right, and respond to the need.


We exercise compassion, interact with kindness, and treat each person with respect, first at Tevera and then beyond.


We are brave enough to bring our best ideas, empowered to do our best work, and dedicated to growing ourselves and others.

Career Empowerment

We’re all about being passionate about our day-to-day jobs, not just our larger, shared mission. That’s why we believe in empowering our teammates to move and grow into the best-fit positions for them.

We encourage our people to explore their professional passions and grow their careers with us. So if you start off in our Customer Success Team and fall in love with coding, we’ll work with you to follow your dreams and continue growing the way you want to.

How we empower you to grow, make sure you’re satisfied, your ideas are heard, and you have everything you need to thrive:

Professional education

Internal job mobility

Weekly 1:1s with your manager

Is it all work and no play?

No way! Frankly, we’re a bunch of goofballs. We love to laugh, help each other out, and have some friendly competition.

We may be a blended team of remote and on-site people but that doesn’t mean we don’t get together to have some fun. Join our monthly team gatherings where we play bingo, do a gif off, or have the most bizarre game of Scattergories you’ve ever seen. Pop in twice a week (if you want) to our coffee catchups and get to know your colleagues.

The Way We Live

Work is a huge part of life, which is why we believe not just in a work/life balance that makes you and your loved ones smile but making sure that the time you spend at work adds to the rest of your life.

We want you to be inspired to do your best work and bring your ideas to life. And we especially want you to feel energized so you can be the best you that you can be before, during, and after work hours.

Competitive Pay

Paid Parental Leave

Flexible Work Options

Generous PTO

Paid Holidays

Paid Volunteer Time

Comprehensive Health Plans

Retirement, HSA, & FSA Options

Professional Learning & Development

What Our Employees Are Saying

A Wonderful Place to Work

“For an engineer, Tevera is a wonderful place to work because managers place emphasis on doing a job well and making long-term considerations rather than demanding that projects be completed yesterday. My coworkers are highly competent in their roles, and everyone is a pleasure to work with.”


Like No Other Place I’ve Ever Worked

“I feel lucky to be a part of a company and culture that is dedicated to its values, committed to its clients, cares about its employees, and continues to grow at an incredible pace. It’s like no other place I’ve ever worked – it really sets the bar. Come join us and see for yourself!”


The Culture is Unlike Anything I’ve Experienced Before

“The culture at Tevera is unlike anything I’ve experienced before, and I am in a state of thankfulness every day that I get to work here. I was skeptical that a place could truly be as great as those I interviewed with told me it was, but it’s true! The team that I get to work with and the company’s focus on truly investing in its employees make it a joy to come to work, and really motivates me to be my best self.”


Every Voice Matters

“I love working here. The culture, from the top down, promotes freedom to share ideas, offers grace when mistakes are made, and creates a team environment where every voice matters and is heard.”


A Place Where You are Cared For, Heard and Challenged

“Tevera is a home that you have or have always wanted. A place where you are cared for, heard and challenged to be your best self. The culture here makes living out our Core Values easy because you are accepted to be you. Tevera cares about you as a person, and the people are great too!”


The Culture is Uncommonly Good

“Tevera is the best company I have ever worked for. We get to solve interesting challenges together, the culture is uncommonly good, and every person is passionate about being here. If you are passionate about EdTech, serving others, and working for a great company – look no further.”


There is a World of Opportunities Here

“I would not exchange the sense of community Tevera brings for anything. This is a welcoming and lively company that works to grow every employee in their strengths both inside and outside the workplace through constant engagement and encouragement. No matter the department you start with, there is a world of opportunities here at Tevera!”


Tevera is an Equal Opportunity Employer

If you resonate with what you’re reading, let us know!

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