Develop & Elevate Student Competency

Experience the transformative nature of Tevera, the All-in-One Education Management Platform

The Complete Student Competency Development Platform

Experience the transformative nature of Tevera, the All-in-One Education Management Platform™

Fostering Student Success & Demonstrating Program Efficacy in a Single, Unified Software System

In an era of skill-based learning, students have to be equipped with demonstrable competencies and earned experience by the time they leave academia for the professional world. 

To foster student success and demonstrate program efficacy, you need to: 

Assess student learning outcomes throughout the entirety of your program
Support students in a professional placement experience
Review program outcomes for continuous improvement 

The Hidden Challenges of a Piecemeal Approach

Assessment management platforms, single-task solutions (like time tracking or survey tools), homemade spreadsheets, and subcontracted data analysts have long served as piecemeal solutions to these challenges. But with each additional solution comes another layer to administering your program, presenting unwanted management and integration challenges. Instead of shepherding a cohesive journey of student competency development, you’re left with a mess of disconnected data fragments that leaves you asking “so, what did we accomplish here?” 

Connecting the Pieces for Successful Program Management

This is where Tevera steps in.

Tevera is the one-stop “prove it” platform, that brings together all of these solutions in one place. Here, your students will have the chance to demonstrate that they possess the skills, knowledge, and dispositions to meet and exceed the challenges of the professional world and you’ll demonstrate programmatic success to accrediting bodies and stakeholders! 


Streamlining Assessment Management

The First Piece of the Puzzle

The key to student competency development is a robust outcomes-based educational framework. You need a repeatable process for collecting students’ key assignments and assessing student learning outcomes throughout their time in your program to ensure they are meeting competency benchmarks. Each assessment point is one piece of a complete assessment framework designed to drive student success.

This is exactly what Tevera is designed to do.

From the first course a student takes in your program, they can submit key assignments for competency assessment in Tevera. With our lifetime access guarantee, students will be able to reference these documents at any time, well into their professional careers. 

Once the assignments are uploaded, instructor will be able to review them and assess the student’s performance on a scoring rubric. But this is no average rubric. This rubric is a component piece of your program’s entire assessment solution with Tevera.

Our team works with your program to build a master assessment rubric, composed of all the criteria that your students will be assessed on throughout their time in the program.

The criteria on this rubric can also be aligned to any number of assessment standards, such as your program’s own key performance indicators or student learning outcomes, an accrediting body’s assessment standards, or state licensure board requirements.

As in the opening example, this master assessment rubric is broken up into a multitude of assessment measures that span your program.

Our implementation team works with you to build out class templates for each of these key assignment collection and assessment points. These templates lock in an assessment process that can be reproduced term after term with minimal effort, so that your program consistently gathers the assessment data you need, for the long term.

Once your assessment structure has been built in Tevera, you’ll be able to pull reports that demonstrate how and when each of your assessment standards is evaluated throughout your program. That’s right, you’ll have a complete assessment map at the click of a button, that you can share with accrediting bodies, university governance, and even your students and other program stakeholders.

We also recognize that your program and your field of study is ever evolving, so this process can’t happen just once. You will need to update your assessment criteria, the standards they align with, and ultimately the assessment map from time to time as you engage in a process of continuous program improvement. As you do, Tevera partners with your program to make any necessary changes to your assessment structure as it evolves, giving your team peace of mind throughout the new change process.


Elevating Field Placement

The Second Piece

For many disciplines, applied experience is a cornerstone of the educational journey, without which graduates would be wholly unprepared for the professional world. In others, earned professional experience is a competitive edge that some graduates possess, and others do not. Wherever your discipline falls on this spectrum, you’ve probably wondered how you can better support your students in pursuit of field experience while they are in your program.

Once again, we’ve got you covered!

Manage a database of placement sites and supervisors and track site information, site approval status, site openings, site notes, and more.

Help your students land their best-fit site for their field experience with a prescribed workflow, optimized for your program and designed to collect all the necessary paperwork to ensure a successful placement experience for your students

Execute a collaborative performance evaluation process in which program faculty, site supervisors, and students themselves can evaluate their progress toward competency and key field experience outcomes. This evaluation process could even be a part of your program-wide assessment strategy, bringing together students’ field placement outcomes with their student learning outcomes for an even more complete picture of their skill development.

Ensure all students are meeting required field placement benchmarks across your entire program while measuring your students’ collective impact in the field. 

Empower students to hone their skills and drive field experience success with contextualized, actionable feedback from faculty and site supervisors through Tevera’s Video Assessment offering. 


Driving Program Outcomes

The Third Piece

So far, we’ve shown how your program can use Tevera to manage and execute a program-wide assessment strategy and it can facilitate field placements. That’s compelling, but here’s where it gets exciting:

Tevera’s program outcomes reporting capabilities allow you to aggregate any data collected in Tevera in a multitude of formats, giving you and your team maximum control of information for a variety of purposes.

Take assessment data, for example. You’ll have all the following options available to you:

Report on individual student outcomes from assessment rubrics to support students as they develop their professional competencies. 

Pull raw assessment data out of Tevera anytime you need it, for in-depth insights into your students’ outcomes. The flexible raw data structure, in excel spreadsheets or csv files, gives your team room for further analysis as needed. 

At the click of a button, the distribution, mean, mode, and standard deviation of all scores from one assessment measure or a master assessment rubric will be auto-calculated for you.

Pull reports demonstrating the distribution of students in your program who are meeting or failing to meet your assessment standards benchmarks.


All of these reports, aside from individual student progress reports, can aggregate outcomes across the entirety of your program, or you can disaggregate the data by any groupings necessary. For example, you may need to pull distinct reports for on campus and online students, or you may need to pull reports by cohorts, specializations, or concentrations. With Tevera, you can do it all!

But we haven’t stopped with assessment reports alone. You can also pull reports on field placement information, student hours logged, and you can pull any data collected on any form into a report. Additional admin reports allow you to confirm your program’s setup in Tevera and expose any gaps, to ensure your program continues running smoothly from the day you begin using Tevera.

Our reports will give you the insight you need into your students’ outcomes, the expanse of their activity in Tevera, and your program’s setup so that you can apply for accreditation, share outcomes with key stakeholders, and continuously improve your program, year after year.


A Complete Solution

The Missing Piece

At Tevera, we are dedicated to growing a new generation of skilled graduates and we believe we have the best and most complete solution that complements your program’s inherent strengths to make that happen.

Learn more about how each piece of the complete Tevera solution can work for your program. 

Unlocking Insights with TeveraDesign, build, execute, and improve a program-wide process for assessing student learning outcomes with Tevera.

Set your students up for career-long success with the leading field experience solution that unlocks program-wide insights.

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Design, build, execute, and improve a program-wide process for assessing student learning outcomes with Tevera.