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Drive Program Outcomes

Elevate student success, drive program outcomes, and unlock program insights in one, intuitive location.

Drive Program Outcomes

Drive student success, elevate program outcomes, and unlock program insights in one, intuitive location.

Unlock Valuable Insights that Power Continuous Improvement

In the competitive landscape of higher education, your program relies upon continuous improvement to keep an edge. However, without adequate insight into your program’s outcomes, your teams would lack the critical information you need to analyze and improve upon program outcomes year after year.

But what is the cost to gather these insights?  If your program is managing student competency development across multiple systems, you’re likely investing significant time and resources to aggregate dissimilar data at the end of each term or in preparation for each accreditation cycle. 

Cut Hidden Costs with a Single System

The good news is that with Tevera, you can cut these hidden costs and augment your insights by centralizing your data in one cohesive system. Rather than laboring over data consolidation and analysis, you’ll have a platform that already has everything you need in one place, including insight-rich reports that tell your student success story to anyone and everyone.

Reporting Solutions Make Data Accessible When You Need It

After even one term with Tevera, your program will have accumulated vast amounts of data in the system so we’ve developed an array of reports to give your program the most comprehensive insights possible.

Form Reports

Generate reports that track student assignment progress, quickly access all program data across any form, and create easily digestible reports in just a few clicks.

Analyze all data stored in any electronic forms in Tevera for qualitative and quantitative program insights. 

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Individual Student Rubric Analysis

Review an individual student’s performance and progress evaluated on a given rubric over time. Review students’ key assignments.

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Group Rubric Analysis

Analyze groups of students’ performance evaluated on a given rubric, including distribution, mean, mode, and standard deviation of scores received.

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Individual Student Accreditation Standards

Review an individual student’s outcomes aggregated across all assessment measures aligned to your program’s list(s) of assessment standards.

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Group Analysis of Accreditation Standards

Analyze the number and percentage of students who met the minimum acceptable score when assessed across all assessment measures aligned to your program’s list(s) of assessment standards.

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Field Placement Reports

Pull comprehensive reports on field placement information at the click of a button. View current and past student placement information for all students in your program, complete with placement start and end dates, site name, supervisor name and contact information, and supervisor qualifications.

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Time Reports

Report on student time entries in a variety of formats. Review hours logged by an individual, or across the entire program. Assign time reports to students so that they can easily generate their own reports for validation by a site supervisor.

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Program Audit Reports

Generate reports that give you more insight into the activity in your Tevera instance. View a summary of communications sent throughout your program, a history of student purchase records, and review audits designed to expose gaps in your program’s setup so that you can be sure everything will function smoothly when your students get started in Tevera. 

All reports have a number of additional parameters to allow you to aggregate or disaggregate data as needed by date range; assignment; assessor role; students’ programs, cohorts, specializations; demographic fields; and more.   

Export Capabilities

In addition to the slew of reports that can selectively pull out data related to forms, time tracks, and site placement information in Tevera, you can also export any data that is stored in a table to an excel spreadsheet. These tables include: 

Staff and Student Information
Document Information 
Site Information
Class Information

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How Tevera Helps Program Leaders Address the Top Challenges in College Program Administration

Navigating the realm of higher education administration can be a daunting task. From juggling financial constraints to ensuring academic excellence, administrators have their work cut out for them. As the world of education evolves, understanding the core challenges faced by college program administrators can provide valuable insights for prospective administrators, educators, and stakeholders.

Budget Management

With limited funds and expanding needs, budget management becomes a pivotal concern. Administrators must strategically allocate funds, balancing between infrastructural developments, faculty salaries, research initiatives, and student programs.

Tips for Budget Management
  • Streamline Spending
    • Prioritize necessary expenses and cut out any redundant costs.
  • Seek Additional Funding
    • Explore grant opportunities, partnerships, or alumni donations.
  • Use Financial Software
    • Implement budgeting software to monitor expenses and forecast financial scenarios.

How Tevera Supports Budget Management

Tevera’s ‘all-in-one education management platform simplifies administration of your college program, helping you do more with existing staff resources while improving reporting and student experience.

Staff Recruitment & Retention

Quality education hinges on quality educators. Effective staff recruitment is not just about hiring, but about attracting and retaining the right talent to inspire and educate the next generation.

Tips for Staff Recruitment & Retention
  • Leverage Digital Platforms
    • Use online job boards and platforms like LinkedIn for a wider reach.
  • Enhance Employer Branding
    • Promote a positive workplace culture to attract top talent.
  • Host Recruitment Events
    • Organize career fairs and open houses to interact with potential candidates.

How Tevera Supports Staff Recruitment & Retention

At Tevera, we understand that most faculty join the profession because they are passionate about student success. With Tevera’s intuitive interface and streamlined class management tools, administrative tasks are handled with ease, giving faculty more time to focus on student success and increasing job satisfaction.

Learn more about the faculty experience in Tevera here

Investing in Faculty Development

Faculty development goes beyond initial recruitment. It involves continuous training, professional growth opportunities, and providing an environment where educators can thrive.

Tips for Faculty Development
  • Regular Workshops
    • Organize periodic training sessions on pedagogical techniques and technology.
  • Mentorship Programs
    • Pair junior faculty with senior mentors for guidance.
  • Provide Research Grants
    • Offer incentives for research and academic advancements.

Curriculum Review & Development

In an ever-evolving world, curriculum review ensures that courses remain up-to-date, relevant, and aligned with industry needs and global standards.

Tips for Curriculum Review & Development
  • Feedback Loops
    • Regularly solicit feedback from students and industry experts.
  • Stay Abreast of Trends
    • Ensure course material reflects current industry and global developments.
  • Regular Reviews
    • Schedule annual or biennial curriculum assessments.


How Tevera Supports Curriculum Development

Tevera allows programs to keep an eye on students’ assessment outcomes. You’ll be able to pick up on trends in student performance to inform your curriculum development. Are students knocking one area out of the park and lagging behind in another? This may be an opportunity to re-evaluate your curriculum to ensure challenge areas are being addressed proactively. 

Managing Program Accreditation

Ensuring quality and maintaining standards, program accreditation acts as a benchmark for academic excellence and is often a prerequisite for student and faculty recruitment.

Tips for Managing Program Accreditation
  • Hire Experts
    • Employ specialists who are familiar with the accreditation process.
  • Maintain Documentation
    • Keep thorough and organized records for smoother evaluations.
  • Regular Self-assessment
    • Periodically assess programs against set benchmarks.

How Tevera Supports Program Accreditation

In Tevera, your program’s data and documentation are centralized in one intuitive system. You’ll easily generate reports on student placement information, assessment processes, and student learning outcomes to satisfy accreditation requirements. 

Learn more about Tevera’s reporting features here

Efficient Resource Management

From classrooms to laboratories, facility management encompasses ensuring that the physical infrastructure meets the needs of the academic community.

Tips for Resource Management
  • Scheduled Maintenance
    • Plan and execute regular upkeep of facilities.
  • Adopt Tech Solutions
    • Use facility management software for optimized space utilization and maintenance tracking.
  • Sustainability Initiatives
    • Implement eco-friendly practices in facilities.

How Tevera Supports Efficient Resource Management

Tevera eliminates redundancy by bringing faculty and staff into collaboration within one intuitive system. Everyone will share insights and access to key program information, allowing resources to be distributed more efficiently across your program. 

Learn more about Tevera’s ‘all-in-one’ platform here.

Stakeholder Communication

Stakeholder communication is pivotal. Whether it’s students, parents, staff, alumni, or the broader community, clear communication builds trust and ensures alignment with the institution’s goals.

Tips for Stakeholder Communication
  • Transparent Reporting
    • Regularly update stakeholders with clear and concise reports.
  • Engagement Platforms
    • Create online portals or forums for real-time interactions.
  • Feedback Mechanisms
    • Allow stakeholders to provide suggestions and concerns.

How Tevera Supports Stakeholder Communication

Tevera facilitates dynamic communication between program administrators and program stakeholders. You can easily get updates out to all stakeholders, members of a specific group, individuals with a common role, current supervisors, or individuals whenever you need to. 

The Necessity of Regulatory Compliance

Navigating the complex web of rules, regulations, and policies, regulatory compliance ensures that the institution functions within the legal framework, safeguarding its reputation.

Tips for Regulatory Compliance
  • Stay Updated
    • Regularly review and update knowledge on laws and regulations.
  • Consult Experts
    • Hire legal advisors or consultants to ensure full compliance.
  • Conduct Audits
    • Periodically audit internal processes to ensure they align with regulations.

Driving Student Enrollment: A Continuous Endeavor

A college’s success often hinges on its student enrollment numbers. Crafting effective outreach and marketing strategies ensures a diverse and talented student body.

Tips for Driving Student Enrollment
  • Digital Marketing
    • Leverage social media and search engine marketing to attract prospective students.
  • Open Days
    • Host campus tours and orientation days for potential enrollees.
  • Alumni Network
    • Engage alumni for referrals and testimonials to boost the institution’s reputation.

How Tevera Supports Student Enrollment

A positive program reputation can go a long way to drive student enrollment. Tevera allows you to build relationships with and make an impact on community site partners, secure and retain accreditation, and gather student outcome data, all of which can be used to influence students’ decisions to join your program. 

Learn more about Tevera’s field experience solution for students here.


In conclusion, while the challenges in academic program administration are multifaceted, they also provide opportunities for growth, innovation, and excellence. Understanding these challenges is the first step towards crafting effective solutions and ensuring the continued success of your academic program. Finding a software solution like Tevera to help you is the second!

Learn How Tevera Can Help You Address the Challenges of Program Management

Schedule a product overview for your team to review Tevera’s features and discuss your program’s requirements.

Navigating Accreditation Management

A Dive into Documentation, Evidence Gathering and Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI)

Accreditation management is a multi-faceted process that requires meticulous planning, systematic implementation, and ongoing oversight. Among the myriad of challenges faced by educational institutions during the accreditation process, two stand out as particularly daunting: Documentation & Evidence Gathering and Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI). 

In this blog post, we’ll delve into these two critical areas, uncovering the challenges associated with them, offering viable solutions, and outlining how Tevera simplifies both.

Documentation & Evidence Gathering

Documentation and evidence gathering form the backbone of any accreditation process. This ensures that academic standards, policies, and processes within an institution are consistently upheld. 

By compiling a comprehensive record of the institution’s practices, achievements, and areas of improvement, documentation serves as a testament to the institution’s commitment to maintaining the highest educational standards. Furthermore, it offers accrediting bodies a tangible insight into the institution’s operations, allowing them to assess its eligibility for accreditation. 

Without proper documentation, it’s almost impossible to showcase an institution’s competencies and adherence to stipulated standards. Thus, comprehensive and accurate documentation stands as a non-negotiable pillar in the pursuit of accreditation.


Challenges to accreditation management, especially documentation management and continuous quality improvement, are numerous, but these three might be the toughest:

Volume & Complexity

Accreditation requires a vast amount of documentation, which can be overwhelming given the complexity of topics covered.

Cross-Departmental Coordination

Gathering evidence often involves liaising with various departments, making the task even more challenging.

Timeliness & Accuracy

Accreditation bodies demand not just volume but timely and accurate documentation, which institutions often find challenging to produce.


To address these challenges, a few solutions are often recommended by institutions that have successfully navigated their own accreditation processes:

Dedicate a CQI Team

A team solely focused on CQI can plan, execute, and measure quality improvement initiatives without being encumbered by day-to-day operations.

Institution-Wide Feedback Platforms

Utilizing technology to solicit feedback from students, faculty, and other stakeholders can streamline the feedback process, ensuring that all voices are heard and considered.

Outcome Metrics & Dashboards

Developing specific metrics to measure the outcomes of CQI initiatives can be complemented with visual dashboards. This not only helps in internal monitoring but also provides tangible proof of improvement to accrediting bodies.

How Tevera Simplifies Documentation & Evidence Gathering and Continuous Quality Improvement

Tevera’s all-in-one education management platform simplifies documentation management and continual program improvement through a variety of interrelated features including:

Flexible Assessment Structure

Tevera’s flexible assessment structure allows you to track student performance on key program-wide assessment standards, including those mandated by an accrediting body or your program’s own specific KPIs.

Align assessment standards to rubric criteria and distribute assessment points across courses so that all faculty can assess student performance on relevant, demonstrable criteria, using a consistent rating scale

Importance of this Feature

Tevera allows you to design a consistent, repeatable strategy for measuring student performance and competency development across your program for reliable insights into program and student growth. With Tevera, you can easily align assessment standards to rubric criteria and distribute assessment points across courses so that all faculty can assess student performance on relevant, demonstrable criteria, using a consistent rating scale. 

Assessment Mapping

With Tevera, you can take a program wide view of your entire assessment strategy by viewing and exporting your assessment strategy, mapped out across all courses in your program.

Generate an assessment map report to review the assessment strategy that has been built into your program’s courses in Tevera.

Importance of this Feature

Reaffirm your assessment strategy and ensure all standards are evaluated appropriately throughout your program by viewing, exporting, and sharing your comprehensive assessment map.

Assessment Outcomes Reports

Generate reports displaying student outcomes by individuals, classes, cohorts, specializations, and select demographic characteristics to analyze student performance on one specific assessment point or across a set of standards evaluated throughout the program.

Importance of this Feature

Gain insights to inform accreditation reports and continuous program improvement efforts by generating assessment outcome reports in a wide variety of formats.

Data Exports

Exporting key program data to a spreadsheet for deeper analysis is as simple as the click of a button. Click the export icon alongside any table in Tevera to automatically generate an Excel spreadsheet of the displayed data.

Importance of this Feature

Take Tevera’s insights with you anywhere, by easily exporting any data, such as documentation, user information, student timesheets, partnering site information, and more, at the click of a button.

Outcomes-Based Assessment

Enable program faculty to evaluate student learning outcomes across the breadth of their coursework. Add key assignments and assessment rubrics to all core courses so that students can upload work samples and faculty can evaluate student outcomes aligned with student learning outcome targets.

Importance of this Feature

Foster a culture of reflection and improvement by incorporating outcomes-based-assessment into all core coursework throughout your program.

Data Storage and Organization

Organize your program’s data and documentation effortlessly and leave arduous record-keeping in your program’s past. Tevera’s intuitive data storage structure will ensure that your data and documents are automatically organized according to logical schema, making it easy for you to find, update, and export data any time you need it.

Importance of this Feature

Organize, update, store, and export data and documentation in an intuitive system, for thorough record-keeping and program management over time. 

Learn How Tevera Can Transform Your Program

Tackling the challenges associated with accreditation management requires a mix of strategic planning, technology, and collaborative effort. Programs that invest in these areas are not only better prepared for the accreditation process but are also better equipped to offer superior educational experiences to their students.

Learn how Tevera can support you by scheduling  a product overview for your team to review Tevera’s features and discuss your program’s requirements.

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