Product Release Notes

Here’s a few things we’re working on to keep making Tevera even better. Thank you to our user community for sharing your ideas and suggestions!


Assignment Enhancements

  • Faculty

    • In the assignments grid, the names of the students in the class or program you supervise will appear at the top of the screen.

Site Placement

  • Students

    • We have created a clearer user interface  for Adding or Withdrawing from a Site and Supervisor. When a student starts their application for the site, they no longer need to select the “Add a Supervisor” button to see which supervisors are already in Tevera. Instead, a list will appear automatically at the bottom of the page. Additionally, the withdraw buttons have been updated to say “Withdraw from Site” and “Withdraw from Supervisor” to provide more clarity.


  • For Time related reports that use Cumulative Hours, there is a new option for how cumulative hours will be calculated. This will now default to calculate based on the end date in the date range that was selected, but you may also calculate cumulative hours as of the day the report was run.

Summer ’19 Release

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