Product Release Notes

Here’s a few things we’ve done over the past quarter to keep making Tevera even better. Thank you to our user community for sharing your ideas and suggestions!


Enhancement List | 2019 Q3


  • A series of changes have been completed for mobile timesheets to help make Tevera easier to use for customers with various accessibility needs. This includes updates to colors for low vision or colorblind users, better keyboard navigation, and updates to provide a better experience for those customers using voiceover and screen reader software. 

Form Enhancements

  • New form logic has been created for “require if”. For example, if you have an assessment and a student is rated at a level of unsatisfactory for a particular criteria, the reviewer would be required to complete a section for why. If the student is rated at a level of satisfactory or above, the reviewer would not be required to comment further.


  • Having a place for students to add notes to timesheets is now an option. Notes can be optional or required on each activity in your time track.  If a time track uses an activity type of “Other”, for example, the note field can be required for the student to specify what activity was completed. 
  • Time Tracks can be customized to allow students to track client demographics on their timesheets.. When students are entering time, there can be  an option for the student to create a code for a client and associate custom demographics with that code. 

User Management

  • When viewing all the associated users to your program, classes, or sites, you can now filter these users based on their associated program or role to help you find who you need to more easily. 

Student Field Placement

  • When students are searching the site list in Tevera for a placement site that meets their needs, they can now search using custom filters based on the information in the Site Profile form that each site completes. This could include things such as type of site, client populations served, or supervision opportunities. 

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