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Develop student competency and demonstrate program outcomes with a single, unified platform.

Counselor Education Programs

All the programs that the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP) accredits need to have an empirically based, documented plan for evaluating program objectives and student learning. Tevera empowers counselor education programs to meet CACREP’s Standards 4B and 4D.

With Tevera, students, faculty leadership and administrators in counseling programs can aggregate student assessment data and use reporting functions to create an annual report that summarizes the program evaluation results. Each program must develop key performance indicators (KPIs) that align with CACREP standards. Tevera offers the option of weighing student outcome data against CACREP’s standards directly or against program-specific KPIs.

Tevera’s features let you maximize student and counselor education program success in assessment, field experience and outcomes.

Connecting the Pieces for Successful Program Management

This is where Tevera steps in.

Tevera is the one-stop “prove it” platform, that brings together all of these solutions in one place. Here, your students will have the chance to demonstrate that they possess the skills, knowledge, and dispositions to meet and exceed the challenges of the professional world and you’ll demonstrate programmatic success to accrediting bodies and stakeholders! 


Counselor Education Assessment Management

Student-centered learning is at the heart of counseling education. It’s critical that students be able to demonstrate their knowledge and skills once they graduate and that accrediting bodies and potential employers see students’ skills and knowledge.

Tevera’s assessment framework provides your program with the required evidence to demonstrate your students’ ability. Essential features include the following:

Students can use Tevera to create an academic portfolio for faculty review and assessment. Faculty can evaluate students individually or use a group assessment tool to grade them simultaneously. Administrators and faculty can gather aggregate data from assignments to determine learning outcomes. The key assignments feature provides an area to collect key assignments and artifacts and offers a permanent place for students to store them.

Tevera lets your program align assessment standards to CACREP’s rubrics so you can quantify student performance for accreditation. You can also develop a master assessment rubric that spans your entire counseling program.

You can build an assessment structure that covers all your program courses, then improve and execute that structure each term. Additionally, Tevera allows students to upload key assignments easily and streamlines the process of assignment collection for faculty.

The assessment map feature lets you align assessment standards to rubrics, class templates and class assignments. You can share the map with CACREP and program stakeholders.


Counselor Education Field Experience Management

Tevera makes field experience management people-centric. It reduces the burden on program administrators by providing an intuitive hub for students and field site supervisors to manage tasks. Program administrators gain a bird’s-eye-view of the program and can keep track of all the data.

Capabilities and features include:

Tevera’s site relationship manager makes it easy to manage relations with students and field partners.   

Counselor education practicum placements are perhaps the most important part of the field experience for students. Tevera helps students land their best placements and streamlines the process of finding a suitable counselor education placement for a student. Using Tevera, you can review preplacement paperwork, connect students with preapproved programs or supervisors and approve field placement. You can also vet new programs and supervisors.

With Tevera’s student activity and time tracking, you can measure student impact in the field and ensure they meet program benchmarks. The activity and time tracking feature provides quantitative data you can use to evaluate how your students impact the communities they serve. You can also use the feature to evaluate students at the cohort and individual level.

Tevera’s field experience management solution allows you to create standardized field assignments and tasks. A collaborative evaluation process helps students develop their skills while streamlining communication.

Video assessments give students more growth opportunities while expanding the capacity of field site supervisors. Supervisors can evaluate student progress from one location and provide students with actionable feedback at specific points in the video. Based on their supervisor’s comments on the video, students can further hone their competencies and skills.


Counselor Education Program Outcomes

The counselor education programs that stand out are the ones that continuously improve. You need insight into program outcomes to determine where there’s room for improvement and how you can implement measures to attain it.

Tevera centralizes your data into one system, providing a platform with everything you need to reduce hidden costs and conserve resources. You get insight-rich reports like the following so you can share student successes with the world:

With Tevera, you can generate student assignment progress reports with a few clicks. You can also review student outcomes individually and aggregated across all assessment measures to ensure students meet accreditation standards. Individual rubric analysis lets you track performance and progress based on your rubric over time. You can also use Tevera to access and review key assignments uploaded by students

Tevera allows you to export raw data to a spreadsheet. Any data stored in a table can be exported, including site, class, document, staff and student information.

Along with analyzing individual students based on a rubric, you can use Tevera to analyze groups. Group rubric analysis lets you evaluate performance based on the mean, mode, standard deviation and distribution of scores. With group rubric raw data, you can evaluate how specific programs or classes perform and assess their outcomes. You can also disaggregate outcomes based on cohort, programs or specialization.

Using Tevera, you can analyze the percentage and number of students who received minimum acceptable scores, evaluated across all assessment measures and aligned with your program’s standards. Using Tevera’s assessment standards outcomes reporting feature, you can pull an annual report that provides a program-level summary of evaluation results, allowing your program to abide by CACREP Standard 4D.



Develop Student Success and Demonstrate Counselor Education Program Efficacy With Tevera

Let Tevera serve as your program’s central hub for faculty, students and administrators. The platform puts all the reports and documents you need for program outcomes at your fingertips while easing the burden on everyone involved. Students get a platform to store their data and keep track of their fieldwork while programs can demonstrate competencies and success.

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Design, build, execute, and improve a program-wide process for assessing student learning outcomes with Tevera.
Unlocking Insights with TeveraDesign, build, execute, and improve a program-wide process for assessing student learning outcomes with Tevera.