The All-in-One Field Experience and Assessment Management Platform for Teacher Education Programs

Develop student competency and demonstrate program outcomes with a single, unified platform.

Teacher Education Programs

Teacher education programs train the educators of tomorrow today. Teacher training has been skills-based since long before skills-based education was trendy. Every aspiring teacher spends at least some portion of their training working in a classroom as part of a student teaching experience.

Students, cooperating teachers, university supervisors, and administrators need a tool that allows them to stay connected throughout the student journey, especially during the student teaching experience. Teacher education programs that want to prove their value to students and become or remain accredited need a way to centralize their program outcomes.

Tevera acts as a hub for administrators, faculty and university supervisors, cooperating teachers, and students. It’s much more than student teaching placement software — it provides students with a means of tracking their experiences, university supervisors and cooperating teachers with a tool for evaluating student progression, and administrators with a means of reporting on student outcomes comprehensively.

Connecting the Pieces for Successful Program Management

“Prove it” with Tevera.

Tevera is the one-stop “prove it” platform, that brings assessment management, field experience management, and program outcomes reporting together in one place. Here, your students will have the chance to demonstrate that they possess the skills, knowledge, and dispositions to meet and exceed the challenges of the professional world and you’ll demonstrate programmatic success to accrediting bodies and stakeholders!


Assessment Management for Teacher Education Programs

Tevera’s assessment management platform helps teacher education programs monitor students’ skill development and knowledge acquisition through outcomes based assessments.

Tevera can help with:

Using Tevera, a teacher education program can implement an assessment process across the whole program. They can create templates and rubrics that can be reused and improved upon each term for consistent assessment administration and data collection. 

To meet CAEP accreditation criteria, teacher education programs should use assessment criteria that reference standards, describe the evaluated proficiencies and reflect an appropriate degree of difficulty.

It’s important for your program to develop its assessment criteria independently. You can then use Tevera to increase your assessment transparency by building the criteria into the rubrics you design.

You can include your teacher education program’s proficiency level descriptors in the rubrics you create in Tevera, making the assessment process more consistent among evaluators, and providing students with more actionable feedback. 

Tevera allows you to generate reports from raw information gathered through your assessment process, which allows for a deeper analysis of student outcomes data. You can perform a longitudinal review of data collected for each assessment and review the scores of each assessor to determine reliability.


Student Teaching Placement Software

For many aspiring teachers, time in the field is the pinnacle of their educational experience. In their student teaching internships, aspiring teachers get to put their learning into practice and prepare for a rewarding career as an educator.

Tevera elevates the student teaching experience by streamlining the field experience for all involved — faculty, site supervisors and student teachers. Among the solutions provided by Tevera are:

Site relationship management keeps current information on all student teaching sites so program administrators can make recommendations to students looking for a position and students can learn more about potential placement locations through the platform. 

Prescribed workflows ensure that all students complete necessary placement paperwork in the platform with ease.  

Students can log their time in the classroom and keep track of their teaching activities. Cooperatin g teachers and university supervisors can ensure students meet their required hours and perform required activities throughout their field experience.

 Tevera’s video assessment feature lets students record their teaching sessions. University supervisors and cooperating teachers can watch their students on their own schedule, from any location, and provide actionable, time-stamped feedback directly on the video.

Tevera makes the student evaluation process collaborative. University supervisors, cooperating teachers, and students can evaluate performance and assess where the student stands on the road to competency. The evaluation process helps to nurture students’ growth while streamlining assignment completion and standardizing data collection.


Program Outcomes

With Tevera, you can measure your program’s outcomes. The insights you gain through Tevera allow you to reflect upon the state of your program and aim for continuous improvement. This data can also be used to help you apply for or maintain accreditation. Take advantage of the following:

Generate individual progress reports to see how a student has developed their skills and competencies over time. 

Generate spreadsheets with program-wide student placement information, time and activities tracked, or assessment outcomes, for in-depth analysis, whenever you need it! 


Review and track student progress toward competency over time through individual student progress reports. 

Analyze student outcomes and score distribution by program, specialization, cohort, or class. 



Improve the Experience of Students, Faculty and Administrators With Tevera

Tevera streamlines the assessment process and field experience for teacher education programs, to help you drive program outcomes. We want to improve the experience of everyone involved in your program, from the students to the faculty to the administrative team. To discover more about how Tevera works, contact us today to schedule a demo.

Unlocking Insights with TeveraDesign, build, execute, and improve a program-wide process for assessing student learning outcomes with Tevera.

Set your students up for career-long success with the leading field experience solution that unlocks program-wide insights.

COAMFTE Accreditation and Standards

Design, build, execute, and improve a program-wide process for assessing student learning outcomes with Tevera.