Single Sign-On (SSO)


Single Sign-On, what is that? Single Sign-On, or SSO is an authentication method that enables your faculty and students to securely authenticate and login to Tevera using just one set of credentials.

Tevera does support single sign-on. When you’re ready, let your CSM know and we will set up single sign-on for your university’s Tevera database.

Types of SSOs

  • LTI

    • For LTI single sign-on, we need to know whether you will be using your system username or an email address as a username in the Tevera system, as we need to configure our system to know which LTI parameter (lis_person_contact_email_primary or user_id) will carry the user name. 
  • SAML 2.0

    • Required for SAML 2.0 SSO:
      • SAML system login URL
      • SAML system logout
      • Entity Id for the SAML system
      • The name of the authenticating system
      • The X509 public key certificate
  • Proprietary

    • We have a simple proprietary SSO mechanism based on a timestamp and a secret key, similar to many other web services.


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What We’re Hearing

“A True Partner”

“Tevera’s support, ability to easily integrate with our existing systems, and its overall user-friendliness made it an easy choice. From internship to accreditation management, Tevera has saved our program more hours than I can count. Most of all, they’re kind and helpful, a true partner.”

Dr. Dina Glaser, Psy.D., Director of the Office of Placement and Training, Online, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

“Life Changing”

“Thank you again for your support. Tevera is truly life changing for our department.”

Portia T.

A God Send

“Thank you again for all your assistance. It has really been great and the timing of (our program) agreeing to use Tevera has been a God send during this time of remote and Hyflex learning.”

Mary L.

“Tevera Saved Us”

“I love Tevera! If we didn’t have Tevera this year our students would not have been able to graduate due to Covid. Tevera saved us, without it our program wouldn’t have been able to operate. The way that Tevera is setup is stellar! For me, Tevera is the real deal! I know for a fact that it works!”

Neisha W.

“Beyond Grateful”

“Beyond grateful to this team for your help in making this process easier for our students.”