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We’re here to make sure you have the best possible experience with Tevera now, and in the future. From resource sharing to networking, this is the place to be for program administrators looking to take their Tevera experience to the  next level.

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Tevera Admin Learning Community Benefits

Our community is here to help you and your program thrive. Get unparalleled access to other Tevera members as well as our internal team to get the most out of your Tevera experience.

Share Resources

Discover and share best practices, tips, and ideas with other Tevera members.

Share Resources

Discover and share best practices, tips, and ideas with other Tevera members.


Connect with admins from programs across the country.

Focused spaces foster collaboration on topics that matter to you.

We know that programs have different needs so we’ve organized spaces for different topics within the disciplines we serve. There’s also a ‘Tevera stuff’ community on topics for everyone. Join the conversations in the space(s) that are most important to you!

Counselor Education

Tracking Programmatic Outcomes
Internship and Practicum
Round Table and Events

Social Work

Tracking Programmatic Outcomes
Field Education
Round Table and Events


Resources for Optimizing Tevera
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How to Join

If you are a program administrator* at a current Tevera member institution**, welcome!

Just click “Apply,” answer a few questions, and you’ll be ready to participate!


*If you play another role besides program administrator and would like to get in touch, please reach out to community@tevera.com!

**If you are not a current Tevera member but would like to be, please book a demo to learn more.