Why The Chicago School of Professional Psychology Chose Tevera to be their Data Management Partner

The Chicago School of Professional Psychology provides an exceptional education to aspiring behavioral health professionals, and focuses on integrating theory with hands-on experience and has more than 20 degree programs, 7 campuses, and an industry-leading online program. 

“Because we’re so customized, we really needed someone who was on the journey with us.We needed someone who would walk with us, be patient and support and that’s the experience we had.” – Dr. Dina Glaser, Psy.D., Director of the Office of Placement and Training, Online

Executive Summary

The Chicago School of Professional Psychology (TCSPP) was growing fast and needed an online accreditation and internship management system that would help them more efficiently manage their data. With 31 academic programs across the U.S., they knew they needed a highly customizable software system that was also easy to use. Prioritizing intuitive use, high levels of customer support, and efficient data management, they chose Tevera to help them streamline their site placements, accreditation management, and more.

The Challenge

For more than a decade, TCSPP had utilized an outdated database, spreadsheets, and paper to manage their data. This led to an unwieldy and time-consuming process with inconsistent results. At the same time, the school was planning to expand from 7 in-person programs to 31 national academic programs. Dr. Dina Glaser, Director of the Office of Placement and Training, Online, knew they needed to make a change to accommodate the growth.

To meet the unique needs of each of the 31 programs, while making communication, data, and reporting easier, she and her team began to look for a software partner that could come alongside them and build into the future. 

TCSPP’s need:

  • Easy data collection and reporting
  • High levels of customization
  • Fast turnarounds and great customer service

Focus 1: Internship and Practicum Management

One of their main areas of focus was elevating their internship and practicum management. Dr. Glaser alone places around 30 students per semester and wanted a way for students to find a placement that would meet their goals, faster. At the national level, this number is much larger, as TCSPP places around 1,500 students on training sites each year. 

Dr. Glaser also wanted the software tool to be easy to use to reduce the communication and reporting burden site supervisors face.

Focus 2: Accreditation Management

TCSPP also needed a software system that simplified data gathering and reporting in support of their many accrediting bodies, a few being CACREP accreditation and APA accreditation. Evaluations needed to align with programmatic and institutional learning outcomes and work together to ensure the data would be valuable at every level.

To meet all of these needs efficiently and effectively, Dr. Glaser and her team set out to find a new software partner. 

The team did their homework and tested multiple software programs to make sure they found one that would be a true partner and help them grow and ended up choosing Tevera.