Faculty Role & Assignment Grid


  • Feb 1, 202211am- 12pm EST | Counseling Emphasis

  • Feb 2, 2022 2pm- 3pm EST | Social Work Emphasis

  • Feb 3, 2022 12pm- 1pm EST | Counseling Emphasis

  • Feb 4, 2022 11am-12pm EST | Social Work Emphasis


Collin Wiemer

Implementation and Product Coach

Keeping your classes organized while juggling different systems can be a challenge. We recognize this and have designed a powerful tool for our faculty users called the assignment grid to help manage the workload.

Join us to discuss the assignment grid as well as other helpful tools found in the faculty view of Tevera.

The Problem Solved

We want to support our faculty users with a strong foundational understanding of how they can be using Tevera to manage their classes.

  • Learning Objective #1

    See the progression of an assignment from the student submission to faculty approval.

  • Learning Objective #2

    Get a better understanding of the faculty role in Tevera.

  • Learning Objective #3

    Learn how the assignment grid’s functions can improve your workflow.

Join us for this valuable webinar just for faculty using Tevera!

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Counseling Emphasis

Feb 1, 2022 10am- 11pm CST
Feb 3, 2022 11am- 12 pm CST

Social Work Emphasis

Feb 2, 2022 1pm- 2pm CST
Feb 4, 2022 10am-11am CST
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