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Welcome to Tevera!

Congratulations for choosing a profession that makes a difference! We know your path will be challenging and rewarding. That’s why we built Tevera to help you:

Keep track of your fieldwork

Graduate on time

Prepare for licensure

Find the perfect job

Tevera is Your Passport to Academic Success

Field experience* is where you’ll put into practice everything you’ve learned in the classroom and, for the first time, experience the helping profession you’re passionate about! 

Your Tevera membership will make it easier to secure field placement that aligns with your goals, while also keeping track of all your accomplishments, big and small, that you’ll need for graduation, licensure, and of course, employers.

(*sometimes called practicum or internship)

Tracking Your

Track your hours toward graduation in your personal progress report, helping you graduate on time.

Securing Your

Find the perfect field placement that aligns to your goals for a more relevant and rewarding experience.

Every Task

Record and store every task, evaluation, document, form, or agreement you’ll need, all in a single place.

Staying Connected
at All Times

Whether you’re free-spirited or detail-oriented, communication workflows make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

Tevera is Your Passport to Employment and Licensure

When you’ve finished your degree, you’re ready to tackle the next big milestones in your journey: employment and licensure. We’ll be there with you every step of the way.

Built exclusively for the helping professions, Tevera’s Career & Recruitment Network is a specialized job site that will match you with the best opportunities and people to help you launch a successful career.

Finding a
Pre-Licensure Job

Find a pre-licensure job based on your professional and personal goals from thousands of employers serving the helping professions.

Pre-Licensure Hours

Use Tevera’s integrated tools to track your progress toward licensure, just like you did as a student.

Building Your
Professional Identity

Show employers and supervisors what you’ve accomplished, what you’re seeking, and why you’re so awesome.