A Practical Guide for Owners and Hiring Managers of Mental and Behavioral Health and Substance Abuse Agencies


This guide is for agency owners and hiring managers of mental and behavioral health and chemical dependency agencies who are looking to identify, improve, and develop new tools to help streamline the hiring process through niche job sites.

Hiring managers and agency owners within mental and behavioral health can be the unsung heroes of an organization. The helping professionals that they hire are heroes too, of course; the work they do is often transformational, life-saving, and crucial to the lives of clients. But finding those helping professionals to serve patients and clients isn’t such an easy task.

Learn how niche job sites like Tevera.pro can make the task of hiring easier, less costly, and more fruitful.


Niche job sites are industry, field, or location-specific, narrowing the job postings and applicable candidates.


Why are niche job sites the future of hiring?

Hiring the right person for a position not only helps your company function, but the mistake of hiring the wrong person can cost you significantly. In 2017, this common mistake cost companies an average of $14,900 per bad hire

If hiring the wrong person is such a costly mistake, how do you ensure you will hire the right person? It begins with where you are looking for candidates.

In today’s digital environment, every job opportunity and new candidate will be found online. General job sites are no longer the most efficient or reliable source of finding viable candidates.

For employers and hiring managers in mental health, niche job sites offer the following:

  • Find higher quality and better-qualified candidates more quickly.

  • Minimize the cost of hiring compared with general job sites and recruiters.

  • Avoid no-match applications.

  • Offer more exposure to employers.

Niche job sites take away the need to sift through non-relevant job postings and applications, enabling job seekers and employers alike to find what they are looking for: relevant job opportunities and qualified candidates.

These industry-specific sites instill confidence in applicants that their application will actually find its way to a hiring manager and not disappear into the ether of online job applications. Hiring managers also avoid their inbox filling with “one-click” applications that general job sites, like LinkedIn, offer.

Additionally, not only do niche job sites offer a place to find applicants, but they create industry-wide communities. Finding an applicant on an industry-specific job site tells a hiring manager that this applicant is informed and active in the industry to know to use this channel as a means to find employment.

With the explosion of online hiring tools and channels, niche job sites are the future of hiring because they target specific industries, focusing hiring managers’ search and forgoing the process of sifting through non-relevant applications.


Quality of applicants

U.S. News & World Report explored the increasing use of niche job sites, claiming that smaller companies, in particular, have found success because they receive responses from higher quality candidates and can search through fewer applications to find the right hire.

The smaller scale and focus of niche job sites allows for those with specialized skillsets to be more easily found, making it easier to find the right people for hard-to-fill roles. When a hiring manager is advertising to the general public to find a specific skill set, they will hear from the general public.

Tiffany L., practicum director at an addiction and mental health treatment agency, feels this challenge routinely in her hiring process:

“The issue with LinkedIn is that it’s so broad. You’re typically having 600 contacts, but only like 20 of them do what you do. . . . If you’re seeing this whole pool of candidates right in front of you and they all basically fit your criteria, that’s amazing as compared to searching through Indeed and LinkedIn.”

Cost and time

Every mental health agency has a different process for hiring. Human resources staff differs in number and expertise at each company. Relying on recruiters to find candidates is an option for some, but it can be expensive. Using general job sites can be time-consuming and the costs of posting jobs and advertisements quickly add up. 

The price of hiring channels is not the only cost at play; hiring managers must also think about the cost of onboarding and the downtime between hires and how it affects the functions of the company and other personnel.In 2016, the Society for Human Resource Management estimated that companies spend $4,129 per hire and take approximately 42 days to fill a position. Further, in a recent study by the Mellon Financial Corp., they found that the lost productivity as a result of the time for new hires to onboard was between 1% and 2.5% of total revenues, and it can take eight to twenty weeks for a new hire to reach full productivity, even more for executives. Add in the costs of posting job descriptions and advertisements to various job sites and media outlets or the costs of paying a recruiter and you understand the major investment that hiring managers are responsible for.

For Dr. Carrie S. of Quince Orchard Psychotherapy of Maryland, the challenges and expenses surrounding hiring qualified candidates are slowing their business growth. Even worse, not being able to grow as quickly as they need is preventing individuals from accessing the care they need.

Although Quince Orchard Psychotherapy has an admin team with a full-time HR director responsible for hiring, they are doing their best to scout qualified candidates through advertising, word-of-mouth, and traditional promotional strategies of email, texts, and postcard campaigns. Additionally, they are considering the investment of a recruiter, which is an additional $140,000 a year.

When a hiring manager has access to a niche job site, paying for job postings on general job sites is no longer necessary, as job-seekers within that specific field are easier to find. This saves both time and money for hiring managers and companies as a whole.

Compared with general job boards and recruiters, niche job sites offer more qualified candidates at a lower cost.



When is a niche job site right for you?

“There are so many patients and there are not enough people to treat them. . . . I feel like we have kind of tapped out our local talent pool.”
– Dr. Carrie S.

The work in the  helping professions, such as mental health, social work, and counseling, never stops. There is no shortage of clients seeking treatment and assistance, so it is important that the process of hiring does not prevent individuals from finding the help they need. Understanding when niche job sites are right for you is the first step.

  • When you’re short on internal resources

When your agency is short on internal resources, niche job sites are a solution for making efficient use of your time, finances, and resources. Whether you don’t have the staff capacity to spend time seeking out candidates or paying for a number of job boards, advertisements, or recruiters, niche job sites, like Tevera Professional for hiring in mental health, consolidate it in one place.

  • When you hire constantly and consistently

If your agency is constantly hiring and always seeking out qualified job applicants, keep your job postings and advertising well-exposed on one platform. By using Tevera’s subscription service, your company profile is always on display for potential applicants so that they can easily find you. It is not a guessing game, unlike with general job boards that will change your company’s exposure throughout the job posting window unless you’re willing to pay for premium exposure. 

By focusing your efforts on a mental health–focused job site, you can also avoid managing multiple streams of applications that require you to make different processes work for each one. 

Practicum director Tiffany L. understands the value of consolidating application streams into one place. In her role, Tiffany is continuously seeking out interns for multiple treatment sites and she experiences the paperwork challenges of managing multiple streams of applications. Depending on the processes of universities where student applicants come from, some applications come digitally, some arrive via mail and each one will require Tiffany to process them differently, taking up valuable time and resources.

Is your agency regularly looking for students or recent graduates? Tevera’s work with higher education institutions offers streamlined access to student applicants looking to build their experience for the workforce.

Whether you’re consistently looking to hire professionals well into their career or recent graduates, using one application service through a niche job site makes the process smoother.

  • When you hire infrequently

If your agency hires on an infrequent basis, Tevera offers the option to create a free company profile on their niche job site and only pay by job posting. This allows your agency to maintain exposure in the industry and for future applicants, but without the added cost when you aren’t in hiring mode.

For an industry-specific job site, it’s important to be a part of the community for future hiring and networking, but we understand you don’t need to pay for postings when you aren’t hiring.

  • When you’re in a competitive job market . . . and when you’re not

When it is critical to maximize your exposure to find and recruit the best quality applicants for helping professions, you don’t need to invest in numerous job boards or advertising outlets. You only need to be intentional about where those advertisements are: in front of the highest quality applicants. General job sites will put your agency in front of a large audience, but not always the right audience.

Whether you are searching for your diamond in the rough, trying to fill a tough position, or simply looking for the right mix of applicants for your agency, utilizing Tevera Professional’s niche job site puts your agency and your needs in front of industry professionals. 

Hiring in mental health involves the challenge of competing for applicants looking at a range of different sizes, types, and structures of companies, so finding the right mix of applicants is even more important. For example, the growth of virtual job opportunities for helping professions creates new questions and jobs for potential candidates. Will they want to work for a company that is only virtual or are they interested in an office environment?

For Dr. Carrie S., finding the right applicants for her agency is a significant investment:

“The challenges of hiring are why we’ve stalled in our growth. We certainly could take on more clinicians, but the time it takes to advertise and identify prospective candidates, and then schedule the phone screenings and the actual interview, the hiring pipeline takes a lot of time. After that, a lot of times people don’t show up, and if they do, then you have to do the reference check, background check, offer letter, contract, and further negotiations. It’s very time and labor intensive. Sometimes you get right up to the end and then the person goes, ‘I’m sorry, I changed my mind. I’m going to go work for a different type of practice.’” – Dr. Carrie S.

Hiring is more than filling a position and checking off a box on your work to-do list; it is about the long-term success of your agency, employees, and clients. Investing in a niche job site is an important investment towards that success.

Whether you are hiring consistently or infrequently, in a competitive or non-competitive job market, or short on resources for hiring, a niche job site is right for you.


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