Why Palo Alto Chose Tevera to Simplify Clinical Training

Dr. Will Snow, Ph.D., Director, M.A. Counseling Program at Palo Alto University was fed up with managing the administrative side of the clinical training experience. There was simply too much paperwork and no way to get meaningful insights or reports from these disparate sources of information.

Around this time, Dr. Snow met with Adam Bates of Procentive (Tevera’s parent company) to talk about a completely different idea. As they were talking and connecting over their shared experience, Adam is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist himself, he voiced his frustration about how difficult it was to manage clinical training and asked Adam if Procentive could develop a solution.

A Custom-Built Answer to Dr. Snow’s Question

Instead of saying “no” as Dr. Snow expected, Adam said “why not?” and took it straight to his CEO, Randy Zimmermann who dove in, headfirst, to create this new tool.

Fast forward a few years and Tevera is no longer a theoretical answer but a fully-fledged software product helping to ease the administrative burden for programs like Dr. Snow.

Not Just Any Software Company

Palo Alto University’s counseling program, led by Dr. Snow remains one of Tevera’s customers and Dr. Snow is one of Tevera’s unofficial advisors, helping to create an ever-improving solution to that question that plagued him years ago.

Dr. Snow says, “Randy, Adam, and the Tevera staff have the right attitude, expertise, and commitment for improving health care, which is why I am still involved with the group and am looking forward to the future!”

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