Graduate on time and equipped for professional life

Tevera helps you to graduate on time and establish yourself in your career by providing you with tools and resources for coursework, field experience, and professional life beyond licensure.

Managing your professional identity begins at the academic level with Tevera

Find the perfect field placement

Secure a field placement that aligns with your professional goals through Tevera’s interactive site catalog and integrated placement process.

Fulfill your graduation requirements

Record your hours with built-in graduation tracks, electronic supervisor sign-off, and report storage. Live progress stats on requirements help you be strategic in fulfilling your clinical hours.

Show your record of quality care

Take hold of your academic journey and chart your course for personalized professional development with Tevera’s empirically-proven counselor competency assessments.

Build your academic e-portfolio

Your clinical coursework, hours reports, and counselor assessments signed and stored electronically in one convenient location for easy access both now and years down the line!

Smoothly transition from the academic to the professional world with Tevera

Master clinical technology

Enter the workforce with a competitive advantage by learning  to write clinical documents and case work in a professional electronic health records (EHR) environment while in your program.

Carry your accomplishments with you

Preserve easy access to important academic records and documentation. Once your four-year access code expires, you still maintain read-only access to anything you have completed in Tevera.

Track your hours toward licensure

Upon graduation, for a nominal monthly fee, access our library of state licensure tracks to record your progress towards licensure or certification. Your program can see when you’re career-ready.

Connect, engage, share, and grow

Connect with your fellow students, program faculty, and site supervisors through centralized communication. Network with counselors across the country in Tevera’s User Community.

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