6 Steps to Getting Started with Tevera

Our step-by-step process will ensure a quick and smooth process for you, your students, and your entire program.



Use this page as a guide and checklist for how long each stage typically takes our programs to launch Tevera, from initial contact to student account activation, and the steps in each. Each stage may involve different stakeholders in your program so we’ve included a category for ‘who’ as well as a current status to track progress.


Research options that offer potential solutions for your program and contact us to learn more.

Task Who Status
Schedule Product Overview Program
Complete Product Overview Program


Bring more people into the process to take a look at all the features and services that your program needs.

Task Who Status
Proposal Tevera
Internal Discussion, IT Review, and Formal Approval Program Leadership & Staff, IT Managers

Solution Development

Our team will develop a draft agreement that reflects the onboarding schedule and implementation details.

Task Who Status
Complete Contract Survey
Draft Agreement Provided Tevera


Typically the longest stage with legal and decision maker approvals required.

Task Who Status
Agreement Discussion, Questions, & Review Program Leadership
Decision Makers’ Approvals Program Leadership
Legal Review of Draft Agreement University Legal
Complete Expedited Onboarding Survey
Program Administrator
Agreement Signed Program Leadership


During this stage, we’ll be working with you to set up your database, all required forms and reports, and train your Tevera ‘champions’ for a succesful and smooth launch with students and faculty.

Task Who Status
Select Tevera Champions (2-3 per program) Program Administrator
Database, Forms, & Reports Set Up Tevera
Champion Training Tevera > Champions
Course & Assignment Set Up Champions


‘Go Live’ with students, faculty, and field sites.

Task Who Status
Student Sign Up & Payment Students
Faculty Training Champions
Communication to Field Sites Champions


Questions About Getting Started?

Contact us and we’ll walk you through everything you need!

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What We’re Hearing

“A True Partner”

“Tevera’s support, ability to easily integrate with our existing systems, and its overall user-friendliness made it an easy choice. From internship to accreditation management, Tevera has saved our program more hours than I can count. Most of all, they’re kind and helpful, a true partner.”

Dr. Dina Glaser, Psy.D., Director of the Office of Placement and Training, Online, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

“Life Changing”

“Thank you again for your support. Tevera is truly life changing for our department.”

Portia T.

A God Send

“Thank you again for all your assistance. It has really been great and the timing of (our program) agreeing to use Tevera has been a God send during this time of remote and Hyflex learning.”

Mary L.

“Tevera Saved Us”

“I love Tevera! If we didn’t have Tevera this year our students would not have been able to graduate due to Covid. Tevera saved us, without it our program wouldn’t have been able to operate. The way that Tevera is setup is stellar! For me, Tevera is the real deal! I know for a fact that it works!”

Neisha W.

“Beyond Grateful”

“Beyond grateful to this team for your help in making this process easier for our students.”