Making Site Placement Easier

Re-designed User Interface (UI)

Our new Site Placement User Interface (UI) was developed in collaboration with Tevera members whose feedback and suggestions have been invaluable to re-designing this important feature.


Site Placement with Tevera

Site placement is now even  easier for students to use, reducing some of the administrative burden for you!  Our new interface will give students guided instructions for every step of your process within Tevera, from pre-application paperwork to the final review. 

Read on to learn more about using this great new enhancement.


  • Step-by-step instructions for students

  • Simplified and intuitive user interface design

  • More control of access to placement process for administrators

  • Applications organized by placement classification (Practicum, Internship, etc.)

  • ‘Advanced’ view for students to see all of their sites in one place

Survey Form

Please complete and submit to our Team. We’ll be in touch soon for the next steps.

Site Placement Articles

Read these short articles to learn more about using Site Placement.


Please contact us with any questions.