Simplifying Field Placement Processes

field placement software

Streamline field placement with an integrated solution that’s perfect for online programs

Avoid the frustrating inefficiencies of using multiple systems, spreadsheets, and paper to manage your field education. Simplify student placement and field site management with Tevera’s flexible placement workflows, an integrated catalog of program-approved sites, and enhanced communication.

field placement software
Make field placement a strength of your program with tools to connect your administration, students, and field sites.

Flexible Tools for
Site Process Setup

Easily build your unique placement process workflows for each stage of your program.

Greater Visibility for
Better Matching

Students search a catalog of pre-approved sites based on filters such as location, populations served, etc.

Grow Your Network of
Field Sites

If you allow students to suggest new sites or field instructors, set up an automated process for recommendation, review, and approval.

Keep Historical Record of Unapproved Sites

Students see which sites or field instructors have been denied as ineligible for the program, avoiding needless applications.

Offer a Seamless Placement Process

Students search for sites and submit placement and supervision documentation in an online workspace designed to the process.

Track & View
Placement Status 

A task list with status tracking shows students their progress toward approved field placement and supervision.

 Review and Approval Workspace

Faculty track students’ progress, review documentation, and approve or deny placement and supervision in a single online location.

Automatic Field Site Associations

Approval automatically links students with field sites and supervisors, creates new site records, and invites new field instructors to Tevera.

Measure Site & Student Performance

Capture site and student performance with reports aligned to your program and accreditation standards.

Facilitate Field Site

Placement workflows allow site representatives to confirm program requirements and student contracts on time and online.

Track Placement Site Information

Store affiliation agreements and site visit documentation in Tevera’s secure online database.

Track Field Instructor Information

Custom forms and reports provide valuable insights on field staff such as credentials, treatment modalities, and more.

View Reporting by
Field Sites

Quickly view where students are placed for each cohort and the number of students at your sites across the country.
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