Tevera Scholarship Program


We want to show our appreciation for programs like yours who spread the word about Tevera by inviting you to join our Scholarship Program.

Our goal is the same as yours: help your students succeed. That’s why we started our scholarship program. We want to show our appreciation for your help in spreading the word about Tevera by helping reduce costs for your students. For every school you recommend us to that signs up, we’ll provide your program with 5 Tevera access codes.

How it Works

We want our scholarship program to be as easy as possible. Just follow these 5 steps (and you only have to take an action on Step 1) to start earning scholarships.

Step 1: You send an email.

Joining our scholarship program is as easy as sending an email and cc’ing Tevera. We even have some pre-written language for you (see “Next Steps” below).

Step 2: We’ll work with the program you referred to us.

After you send your email, we’ll take it from there by working with the program to see if Tevera is the right fit for them.

Step 3: They sign with Tevera.

Once the program you referred to us learns more about Tevera and what we can offer, they sign up and we begin onboarding them.

Step 4: Your program receives scholarships.

When the program you referred signs with Tevera, we give your program 5 free access codes to grant to students of your choosing.

Step 5: Repeat!

There is no limit on how many programs you can refer to Tevera. For each program, the process is the same and you receive 5 scholarships every time.

Next Steps

Just send your peers an email* encouraging them to take a look at Tevera and cc: info@tevera.com!

*Here’s an example of how some programs describe Tevera to others:

We’re using Tevera’s program management software for our program to help us manage assessments, documentation, and communication with our field sites. Students use it to track progress toward graduation and will also use it after graduation for licensure.

If you’re interested, they currently have an ‘Expedited Onboarding’ offer for programs needing to get online quickly.

For more  information:

Visit their website: tevera.com 

or email them at: info@tevera.com

Questions About Our Scholarship Program?

Please send us an email with any questions and we’ll be in touch shortly!

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