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Streamline CSWE accreditation, field placement, and student assessment with Tevera’s program management solution.

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The easiest way to manage field placement,
track student outcomes, and develop career skills.

Simplify Field Placement

Streamline your student placement process using personalized placement workflows and gather valuable feedback on site and student performance in support of accreditation standards.

Track Hours to Graduation & Licensure

Students and program alumni record their activities and submit hour logs for online approval and sign-off. Our built-in activity tracks help you and your students visualize progress in real-time.

Eliminate Paperwork for Better Reporting

Tevera provides your program with the tools to incorporate your own online forms, streamlining the electronic delivery and signing of affiliation agreements, evaluations, and more within an integrated platform.

“Tevera captures so easily who’s being assessed, who they’re being assessed by, and when. When you’re pulling reports, all of that data is there at your fingertips…that’s amazing!”

— Dr. Lori Soli, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

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