Product Enhancements: Week of 12/2/2019


  • New Report: 406 – PDF Export
    • This report allows you to download all completed instances of a form from your database into a zip file. Each individual form will be its own PDF within the zip file.
  • New Report: 606 – Accreditation Standards Raw Data
    • This report exports the raw data from rubric forms associated to accreditation standards. Each row is a form instance, and the selected standards will be the columns across the top. 
    • This report looks at the standard being used across multiple rubrics.
  • 605 – Accreditation Standards – Group Analysis
    • The background colors have been updated to more clearly display standards that are met (green) and not met (red).

User Experience

  • Group Type field now required for classes
      • When adding a new class or editing an existing class, you’ll now see that the field for Group Type is required. Once customers are using this field, we’ll implement some logic improvements to the software. For example, when choosing a group reviewer for an assignment or site placement task, only Group Types that are reviewer groups will appear as options.
  • Mobile Timesheets – Improved Design for Incomplete Time Records
    • For students using mobile timesheets, we’ve improved the interaction students have with the software when navigating away from an incomplete, unsaved time record. Now when a student does this, they will see a pop-up message notifying them that their current time record is incomplete, and has not saved. They’ll then choose to continue with their time record or navigate away. 


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