Product Enhancements: Week of 3/30/2020

New Support Tools

Getting Help Just Got Better

Starting next week, you may see some slight differences in how Help works within Tevera. This is due to us switching to a new support tool that we believe will be able to help us better serve our customers. The largest change you may notice is that you have an inbox within Tevera where all your requests will be. You can also easily send in product enhancement ideas that will go directly to our team for review.

Tevera and Privacy Protection

Country and State/Province of Residence

After the next software update, the first time you login to Tevera again, you will be prompted to tell us your country and state/province of residence. We are collecting this information from all of our users in order to continue to protect your privacy and ensure that Tevera is meeting compliance regulations.

Product Roadmap

The Next 90 Days

Mobile & Accessible Student Experience

We’ve already released a mobile version of Timesheets for students, and now we’re working on creating the rest of their workspaces so that students can use Tevera on the go. This will also be the accessible version of Tevera available for students.


Please contact our Customer Success team to learn more!

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