Product Enhancements: Week of 2/17/2020

Administrative Workspace

  • Paging Tool on Bottom of Screen: In the areas of Tevera where there are long tables of information, now on the bottom of the screen you will have a paging tool that allows you to quickly move to the page of information that you want. You’ll no longer need to scroll to the bottom of the screen to go to the next page. 
  • Duplicate Record Notification: When creating new students, sites, and other types of records in Tevera, there’s a new tool that will notify you if you are creating a duplicate record, and will also give you a quick link to go to that original record. 

Site Placement

  • New “Waiting on Me” Filter for Placement Approval: In the placement approval workspace, there is a new status filter named “Waiting on Me”. This filter will show you all of the the students who have at least one task waiting on you, so that you can easily see everything that you need to do.
  • New “Decision Pending” and “Expired” Statuses for Student’s Sites: In the student’s site placement workspace, there will be two new statuses on their site cards. One will be for “Decision Pending”. This status will appear when the student has completed all of their tasks and they’re just waiting on a Final Review. “Expired” will appear on a site card if the student’s end date for working at that site has passed. 

Product Roadmap

The Next 90 Days

  • Mobile & Accessible Student Experience: We’ve already released a mobile version of Timesheets for students, and now we’re working on creating the rest of their workspaces so that students can use Tevera on the go. This will also be the accessible version of Tevera available for students. 


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