Product Enhancements: Week of 11/18/2019


  • Report Numbers Updated: For program administrators, the numbers associated to reports weren’t always related to specific categories. We’ve re-numbered a few of our reports so they will be grouped by report type. Please note: Only Program Administrators will see these changes. Report numbers have not changed on any reports that students can run.
    • 400 – Forms Reports
    • 500 – Time Reports
    • 600 – Rubric Reports
    • 700 – Admin reports
    • 800 – Field Placement Reports
  • New Report: 801 Student & Supervisor Qualifications Report: Export a list of students, the supervisors they’re placed with, and those supervisor’s qualifications. You can optionally include students who have expired or inactive associations.
    • This report includes contact information for a student’s supervisor, including email and phone number.
    • This report will also display all of the supervisor’s credentials in Tevera, including credentials that have expired.

Student Payment Page Updated with Refund Language

Tevera has a 30 day refund policy from the date that the student registers in Tevera. This applies to universities using direct invoicing and credit card only. When students purchase Tevera with credit card, they’ll see there is a 30 day refund policy on the payment page. When students pay for Tevera via a bookstore access code, they’ll be notified that access codes purchased at their university’s bookstore will be held to the bookstore’s return policy.


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