Pre-Onboarding Survey

Please complete this survey to help us prepare you for a successful onboarding experience!

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To Qualify for Expedited Onboarding

Tevera is committed to providing your program with the time, energy and resources needed in order to meet your desired go-live date with students. In doing so, Tevera will move forward in good faith with the Priority Onboarding of your program and expend the necessary resources to do so prior to a contract being signed.
Given the commitment of resources that Tevera will provide to your program prior to the signed contract, programs that qualify for Priority Onboarding must meet the following requirements:
  1. Tevera is your chosen vendor.
  2. The approval process for vendor selection, pricing, and how to collect the fees within your institution’s infrastructure is approved and complete by all necessary parties.
  3. The agreement is in the legal department now and either being reviewed or in review/negotiation with Tevera already.

How It Works

  • Your program will upload necessary forms and identify any required integrations so our Customer Success team can begin setting up your database.
  • Our Customer Success team reviews each form and your program survey information to begin to understand your requirements.
  • A 1 hour Process Discovery Meeting will be held with your team to map out workflows based on your form sets.
  • Based on the findings of that meeting, our Customer Success team will build out your program’s forms and workflows.
  • When your contract is completed, your Tevera database will be built and we will be able to begin training your team.

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