Practicum & Internship Process

Best Practices Template


& Pre-Internship

Pre-Practicum items are prerequisites for the “Site Application Process”

Items to Complete

MONTHS 2 – 3

Site Application Process

Pre-Practicum items are prerequisites for this process

Items to Complete

  • Student chooses Site (either new or existing) and fills out Site Form
  • Program reviews & approves and/or extends contract
  • Once student is approved at the site, they complete the Supervisor Form
  • Program reviews & approves site and/or extends contract
  • Once the supervisor is approved, they complete the Site Placement Contract 
  • Program reviews the information about the site and site supervisor and approves student’s placement at this site.
  • How do students typically find a site?
  • When do students typically apply to work with a site?
  • Do you meet with students to help with this process?
  • Is the student using a new site or a site from a previously set list?
  • At what point are students allowed to start looking for a site?
  • At what point are students interviewing at the site for their placement?
  • Are sites assigned, or chosen by the student?
  • Who tends to be the common contacts at a site?

Practicum & Internship


Items to Complete


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