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We Serve Those Who Serve Others


Tevera serves the people and organizations who transform lives with solutions that elevate their academic, pre-licensure, and employment experiences.


Tevera Higher Education

Simplifying Field Experience, Accreditation, and Assessment Management

Delivering an integrated program management solution for students, faculty, and field supervisors.

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Tevera Pro Job Site 

Connecting Graduates with Jobs that Change Lives

Tevera Pro is a highly focused job site offering job seekers access to thousands of open jobs in the helping professions including social work, counseling, psychology, substance abuse, and more.


Who We Serve

Students & Alumni

Develop impactful academic and professional careers.


Build quality programs with top-performing graduates.

Faculty &

Prepare students for graduation and beyond.

Field Supervisors

Develop and manage a thriving supervision practice.

Employers of
All Sizes

Attract, build, and grow a high-performing team.

Trusted by Leading College & University Programs

“We don’t know how other programs who aren’t using Tevera are managing.”

“We’re so thankful we made the switch from paper to Tevera when we did. We can’t imagine what it would be like collecting paper documents right now. What a challenge that would be!”

Dr. Kurt L. Kraus, NCC, ACS, LPC
Professor and Director of the CES Doctoral Program
Internship Coordinator
Department of Counseling and College Student Personnel
Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania

“Just Call Tevera!”

“Our CACREP site visit this month went poorly because CACREP was looking for much more detail than we are currently recording. Our site visitor told us we would need to change a number of processes… or we could ‘just call Tevera!’ ”

Anonymous, Program Director

Let’s Work Together!

See what Tevera can offer your program.


What We’re Hearing

“Placement Time Cut in Half”

“Our placement time is cut down by about half. The setup of courses with students when they’re going into the courses is minimal, maybe a third of the setup time (compared to before).”

Jennifer M., Field Director

“Just Call Tevera”

“Our CACREP site visit this month went poorly because CACREP was looking for much more detail than we are currently recording. Our site visitor told us we would need to change a number of processes… or we could ‘just call Tevera.’ ”

Anonymous, Program Director

“Tevera Just Makes Supervision Easier”

“Students we supervise from other schools (not using Tevera) have to email me their forms, then I have to print them, then I sign them, and then I’ll scan them back. With Tevera students, we’re able to just sign off on them. Tevera just makes supervision a lot easier, especially when working from home.”

Dr. Tiffany L., Practicum Director

“Highest % of Evaluations Completed… Ever!”

“As a result of using Tevera, we’ve just had the highest percent of evaluations completed this term than we’ve ever had.”

K.B., Psych Program Chair

“Shows Us Program Holes So We Can Grow”

“Tevera is doing what we need it to do. Everything is compact! I’m able to find everything I need and get the info I need for pedagogy. It’s showing our program holes so we can continue to grow as a university.”

Jacob, Field Director

“Willing to Take on More Students”

“The way the program operates now because of Tevera has never been easier (before Tevera it was a nightmare). I would be willing to take on more students because it’s so easy!”

Field Instructor

“Best Responses from Our Board Ever”

“We got the best responses we’ve ever received from our last board presentation in large part due to the data collected by Tevera.”

D., Division Director

“Could Not Have Done It Without Tevera”

“I supervised 6 students last year, and I could not have done it without Tevera”

Jeni, Program Director

“Security Practices Well Done”

“You have one of the stronger HECVAT assessments I’ve seen. Well done!”

H.T., Director of Infrastructure & Security

“Made My Life Easier”

“You have made my life easier as a field instructor and I so appreciate your keeping our Field Director happy.”

E., Division Director

“Using Tevera for My Post Doc Too”

“I enjoyed using Tevera so much to track my internship hours that I’m planning on using for my post doc work too!”

K.D., Student

“I Love the Way Tevera Works”

“I love the way Tevera works and I am really excited to continue using it.”

Bethany, Student

“Don’t Know How We Managed” 

“With the pandemic and the fact that we’re an online program, I don’t know how we managed before Tevera.”

Megan, Program Administrator

“It’s Easy”

“I really like how you can see your total hours and your total direct hours. It’s easy to just click and write some notes and keep track.”

Mallory D., Student

“A True Partner”

“Tevera’s support, ability to easily integrate with our existing systems, and its overall user-friendliness made it an easy choice. From internship to accreditation management, Tevera has saved our program more hours than I can count. Most of all, they’re kind and helpful, a true partner.”

Dr. Dina Glaser, Psy.D., Director of the Office of Placement and Training, Online, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

“Life Changing”

“Thank you again for your support. Tevera is truly life changing for our department.”

Portia T.

“A God Send”

“Thank you again for all your assistance. It has really been great and the timing of (our program) agreeing to use Tevera has been a God send during this time of remote and Hyflex learning.”

Mary L.

“Tevera Saved Us”

“I love Tevera! If we didn’t have Tevera this year our students would not have been able to graduate due to Covid. Tevera saved us, without it our program wouldn’t have been able to operate. The way that Tevera is setup is stellar! For me, Tevera is the real deal! I know for a fact that it works!”

Neisha W.

“Beyond Grateful”

“Beyond grateful to this team for your help in making this process easier for our students.”



“Tevera is an outstanding product!”


“Tevera is Literally a Life Saver”

“Gathering data used to be tedious and time consuming and now with Tevera it can be done in one click.”

Larissa, Program Administrator

“Students Love the Placement Process”

“Students love the placement process because it has all of their tasks in one place and they don’t need to ask us if they are missing anything – they are getting through the required steps more quickly with Tevera.”

T.H., Program Administrator

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2321 Jack Breault Drive, #300, Hudson WI 54016

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