Choosing the right EdTech partner for your behavioral health program is crucial. This is because EdTech software has the ability to streamline workflows, automate processes, manage student work effectively, and just generally make your life easier. And in the time of remote work and telecommuting, this type of software can sustain your placement, recruiting, managing, and supervising duties.

Having an EdTech partner that supports your technology needs and cares about your program will ensure that field staff and students can achieve their goals with minimal obstacles. 

This is why so many social work and counselor education programs have chosen Tevera and rave about our sales and customer success teams who work together help you make the most out of our software.

The Cost of Bad Customer Service

Nothing is more frustrating than technical failures and interruptions when trying to teach and supervise students in behavioral health programs. So much time goes into administrative work: creating and assigning tasks, logging time, managing documents, measuring, and reporting. 

Additional complications and technical issues can only further delay the process and interfere with your program’s workflow and students’ success. Furthermore, when you cannot find resolutions to your issues or particular situation, your processes are held up and valuable time is lost.

When using software, you need to be able to get quick solutions and answers when something isn’t working right. Maybe your students are having trouble uploading assignments accurately or you need to customize your workflow for your exact needs. 

Reliable customer service builds trust while bad, unreliable, or hard to reach customer service lose value. They can become a big hurdle when trying to set up and manage your EdTech software. So, what does bad customer service look like?

  • Hard to reach or slow responses
  • Fewer communication channels
  • Service interruptions leading to unsteady workflow
  • Lack of empathy
  • Few self-help options

All of this makes finding the right software for your program all the more important. After all, your EdTech partner needs to make your life easier, not more difficult.

Finding Software with Good Customer Service: What to Look For

A reliable EdTech partner with good and responsive customer service places your organization’s needs first. These companies know the inside-outs of your field as well as what you and your students require to accomplish tasks and goals. They want to build long-term, valuable relationships with their customers. And part of helping you achieve these goals is being available. When in the market for a software tech to support your programs, look for an EdTech partner with these qualities:

Wealth of Industry Knowledge

An EdTech software company that knows the industry well understands what goes on in social work and counselor education programs and how to best help you and your students. They employ sales and customer success teams that have a depth of industry knowledge and who work with you to find the best solutions for your program’s exact needs. When deciding on EdTech software, ask yourself:

    • Does the EdTech company know and understand my goals?
    • Do they provide training and onboarding for their users?
    • What is this EdTech partner’s reputation in the industry?

“Tevera is doing what we need it to do. Everything is compact! I’m able to find everything I need and get the info I need for pedagogy. It’s showing our program holes so we can continue to grow as a university.”

Jacob, Field Director

Proactive Customer Success Teams

The tendency with most sales teams is that once a purchase is made, they leave you to tackle the rest. But customer success teams and managers who care about the program and its students will reach out and follow up to ensure everything is running smoothly. They’ll help you and your students onboard, resolve any potential issues, and keep in touch. Ask about post-purchase and onboarding processes so you know what to expect after you invest in the software.

Responsive and Multichannel Support

Good customer service teams offer not only one or two but multi-channel support. This is to ensure that customers and users (staff members and students) can get help quickly through a channel they’re comfortable with. 

One of our EdTech consultants explains how different kinds of support goes a long way in helping users get comfortable with new technology: “It is also important to have different kinds of supports in place for different types of learners.  These might include writing guides, videos, in-person trainings and a way to easily request one-on-one assistance. Users need to know how and when to access supports so that they don’t spend time spinning their wheels and becoming frustrated.

For example, field staff and students can contact Tevera to get support via email, phone, video calls, online forms, and trouble tickets. This way, when they encounter an issue, they get quick and helpful responses and get back to completing their work.

Provides its Own Tech Support

It is important that your EdTech partner offers customer service that isn’t frustrating or disappointing. And a software company that does not offer technical support can cause hiccups in the future when students and users face such issues.

“Thank you again for your support. Tevera is truly life changing for our department.”

Portia T.

Tevera’s Commitment to High-Quality Customer Service

Our teams at Tevera are known for being responsive and helpful whenever you need it. From sales to setting up your account to managing your software and program, we are here to help you make the most of our EdTech solution. With Tevera, you’re getting:

  • Software designed to make field work, accreditation, and recruitment easy
  • Intuitive user experience
  • Easy data management and reporting
  • Customer success managers who works closely with you
  • Responsive and multichannel support
  • Easy integration into existing systems
  • Dedicated sales and customer service teams to help you accomplish your goals 

We know it is hard to put the careers of your students in the hands of just anybody. That is why we created a solution that caters to your individual needs and requirements. Plus, our highly responsive customer success teams are eager and ready to work with you, no matter what stage of the process you or your students are in.

“Tevera’s support, ability to easily integrate with our existing systems, and its overall user-friendliness made it an easy choice. From internship to accreditation management, Tevera has saved our program more hours than I can count. Most of all, they’re kind and helpful, a true partner.”

Dr. Dina Glaser, Psy.D., Director of the Office of Placement and Training, Online, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

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