Executive Summary

The Field Education Director at the Division of Social Work at the University of Wyoming needed a field management system to streamline work. They found Tevera and haven’t looked back.

The Challenge

Billie Chapman, at the Division of Social Work at the University of Wyoming went into social work because she wanted to serve people in her life-long community of Wyoming. After working in the community for about 10 years, she found herself working at her Alma Mater, this time as the Field Education Director.

Her passion for helping others is stronger than ever and helping students transform is hugely rewarding. Unfortunately, Billie found her precious time was eaten up by administrative tasks, taking her away from working directly with her students.

Because Wyoming is the least populated state, the social work program faces a unique challenge: a few coordinators must oversee most of the state’s social work students across multiple campuses.

These coordinators need to work with the supervisors supervising their students, with the directors of nonprofit agencies, and still ensure their students get solid career advice.

And then, of course, there’s the paperwork.

To serve her students and site supervisors as fully as she wants,  Billie knew that she needed a software system that would free up her and her team.

The Solution

At one fateful CSWE conference, Billie met the Tevera team. She interviewed multiple software partners but ended up choosing Tevera because:

  • They were the most friendly and useful right on the conference floor
  • Tevera’s all-in-one ability to keep track of clinical hours, paperwork, and their placement process
  • Tevera provides their own tech support

There were other reasons to choose Tevera. Billie’s husband is in IT and she paid extra attention to security details. One vendor had an expired security certificate, which sent up alarm bells. “You have to look for these things and be careful,” says Billie.

But the biggest reason she chose Tevera? Everything was in one place.

From there, the rest was smooth sailing. Even the contracting process was straightforward and Billie notes that, So from step one, we just have really felt good vibes from Tevera and haven’t had a single interaction that’s been frustrating or upsetting.

The Impact

First, there’s the time savings…

Now, instead of having to visit 50 different spreadsheets, Billie goes into Tevera and pulls one report that contains all the information she needs on field instructors, students, and their roles. To make it even more efficient, she can send messages to all the parties right in the software.

Billie says, “it’s really user-friendly and there hasn’t been any point where I have questioned should we have done this? Did we go with the right software? All the way, I feel like it was the right decision… It’s user-friendly, easy to access, easy to navigate, easy to learn. It’s just… it’s really great.”

All told, Billie feels like I’ve gotten days of my life back every semester since we started using Tevera.

Then, there’s its adaptability for social work…

For Billie, it really helped to know that Tevera had been built from information from different social work programs. She remarks that, “it had been specifically built to meet the needs of specific programs rather than having a kind of a shell and trying to make it fit programs. So that was helpful.”

And finally, there’s the customer support…

Billie could not be happier with Tevera’s customer service. She notes that since the very first day, their personal customer support representative has always “gotten back to us within 24 hours. He’s been so great and so helpful. That has helped us continue to feel confident in our choice to go with Tevera.”

And it’s not just Billie and her team loving it,The students have said too, when they put in tickets, that they get quick responses and helpful responses. They haven’t had any bad experiences with the tech support. Those things just keep us feeling really good about the software, in addition to all of the other functions. It really helps to have their excellent customer service.

Considering Tevera? Billie’s advice is…

“When anyone reaches out to me asking about my field software, I say ‘go with Tevera.’ It’s absolutely worth it. There are so many advantages. I have no reservations or hesitation whatsoever about telling people to go with Tevera, because I think regardless of the size of program or location of the program or the style of field, whether they do block placements or they do year-long placements, you can make Tevera work for it.”

In fact, Billie says, This is super corny, but I have said more than once to people that if Tevera was a man, I would marry it. It makes my life better!

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