Approve Field Placements & Pre-Application Tasks in a Single Screen


Our new grid layout makes it easy to track of student progress towards placement. This new ‘single screen’ design allows you to see every task a student needs to complete plus their progress towards completion, saving you valuable time, especially with larger programs.

“This request came directly from customer comments through our Enhancement Process. Placement coordinators wanted an easy way to be able to see which students haven’t started their placement application yet. In our first iteration of Placement Approval, customers were confused by needing to use the back and forth arrows to tab between sub-processes, and not to be able to see a student’s entire application on one screen. This made it hard to see how far the student was in their application process. Administrators gave feedback that the final approval UI was overwhelming with too much text, so we redesigned this to utilize a series of modals to complete approvals within a single screen, simplifying the process significantly.”

Alex Folkestad – Product Manager


  • Faculty members reviewing applications will be able to see a student’s entire application in one place, even if the student is applying to more than one site or supervisor.
  • See which students haven’t started their process with the status filter for “Not Started.” This will show all students who have a process available to them, but have not started those tasks.
  • Keep all documentation for placement in one place. If your process has pre-application tasks, such as a student uploading documents about themselves, or their site preferences, those will be seen here, too.

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