Enhanced Workflows & Communication 


Provide a better field experience for students, field instructors, and sites

Tevera understands the valuable role your sites have in your students’ success, and how important it is to provide a clear channel for communication and task completion. Field instructors, site supervisors, and site representatives now have better tools to manage their training relationships with your students and program.

Powerful tools to manage key relationships between field instructors, students, faculty, and administrators.

Field Site Representative Access

Field instructors, site supervisors, and site representatives are able to login and view their students based on the roles and permissions provided.

Match with Qualified Students

Agency details are visible to students in Tevera’s searchable catalog and ensures a better match for students and field sites.

Seamless Placement Process

Tevera’s placement workflows allow site representatives to confirm program requirements and student contracts on time and online.

Training and Support

Users receive a click-through tutorial training while support desk is available to all end-users so programs do not have to mediate Tevera support for their placement partners.

Communicate with Stakeholders

Real-time communication with field instructors, students, faculty, and administrators provides enhanced feedback and accountability.

Complete Tasks Online

Complete evaluations, fulfill program-related tasks, and easily sign off on student hours with online document delivery, automatic notifications, and electronic signatures.
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