Elevating Field Experience

Set your students up for career-long success with the leading field experience solution that unlocks program-wide insights.


Elevating Field Experience

Set your students up for career-long success with the leading field experience solution that unlocks program-wide insights.

Streamlining field experience management for everyone.

Tevera puts people back at the center of field experience. Reduce the administrative burden that comes with managing sites, students, and reports and be freed up to focus on what matters most: driving student excellence.

With Tevera, all of your program’s field experience data is in one, intuitive hub. Students and site supervisors have access to manage their tasks and program administrators can oversee and keep track of it all.

Drive student excellence and achieve program outcomes with Tevera.


Tevera serves everyone in your program.

We’re committed to delivering value for all of your program’s stakeholders. That’s why we have solutions for program administrators, students, field supervisors, faculty, program leadership, and alumni.

Field Experience Management for Program Administrators

Tevera’s robust field experience solution is an intuitive and centralized answer to all the jobs that program administrators need to manage during a student’s field experience. Manage student placement, stay connected with sites, track student progress, and easily generate reports to drive program outcomes.

Features for Program Administrators

Student Placement Manager

Help your students land their best-match site for their field experience and streamline all the steps necessary to manage a successful placement.

Placement Time Cut in Half

“Our placement time is cut down by about half. The setup of courses with students when they’re going into the courses is minimal, maybe a third of the setup time (compared to before).”

Jennifer M.
Field Director

Tasks accomplished:

Review pre-placement paperwork

Vet new sites and supervisors

Connect students with pre-approved sites and/or supervisors

Approve field placement documentation

Student Field Experience Manager

Manage the entire student field experience and ensure all students are meeting required field placement benchmarks across your entire program.

Tevera Saved Us

“I love Tevera! If we didn’t have Tevera this year our students would not have been able to graduate due to COVID. Tevera saved us, without it our program wouldn’t have been able to operate. The way that Tevera is setup is stellar! For me, Tevera is the real deal! I know for a fact that it works!”

Neisha W.
Program Administratorr

Tasks accomplished:

Track your students’ field placements

Standardize field assignments and tasks across your program

Manage all field-related paperwork in one, intuitive location

Easily communicate with field supervisors and students

Oversee your student’s progress at individual and cohort levels

Quantify the impact your students are making in their communities

Relationship Manager

Easily manage all your key relationships with field partners and students in Tevera’s all-in-one relationship manager.

Our Students and Field Instructors Really Like Tevera

“We really like Tevera and so do your students and field instructors. The students find it easy to complete their timesheets and field logs and like that once they complete them, they can send them on to their field instructor in the system. And the field instructors love that it comes to them in an email to remind them to sign.”

Director of Field Education

Tasks accomplished:

Stay on top of critical information for field courses

Keep key contact information and more up to date

Ensure a consistent student and site supervisor experience

Make sure sites are current and adhere to your program’s requirements

Program Outcomes Manager

Easily manage and report on key information for field courses, including rubrics, with Tevera’s Program Outcomes Manager.

Streamlining CACREP Self-Study

“Part of (the CACREP self-study) is taking our 2 locations and making sure that we’re following the same processes and collecting the same information from students at each one and Tevera has been an incredible help in streamlining that process.”

Program Admin

Best Responses from Our Board Ever

“We got the best responses we’ve ever received from our last board presentation in large part due to the data collected by Tevera.”

Division Director

Shows Us Program Holes So We Can Grow

“Tevera is doing what we need it to do. Everything is compact! I’m able to find everything I need and get the info I need for pedagogy. It’s showing our program holes so we can continue to grow as a university.”

Field Director

“Highest Percent of Evaluations Completed… Ever!

“As a result of using Tevera, we’ve just had the highest percent of evaluations completed this term than we’ve ever had.”

Psychology Program Chair

Tasks accomplished:*

Make data collection simple with our easy-to-send rubrics, forms, and more

Gather student, site, and site supervisor data with just a few clicks

Keep everything in a consistent format to make management and reporting easy

Report on any data gathered at an individual, class, specialization, or program level

Tevera’s Program Outcomes manager does far more than measure field experience data. Check out our full Program Outcomes platform to see how Tevera can help manage not just field experience outcomes but outcomes across your entire program.

Video Assessment

HIPAA Compliant

Empower students and site supervisors to drive field experience success with Tevera’s HIPAA-compliant Video Assessment Manager that offers students more opportunities to grow and allows field supervisors to take on more students. 

Best of all? Simple workflows across all of Video Assessment Manager’s features ensure that you’re notified when tasks need doing. Let Tevera ease your team’s administrative burden and give staff time back to do what matters most: working with students. 

More Ways to Give Students Feedback

“Tevera’s video assessment is working great! It’s allowing us to give video feedback to our students in more ways than ever and be flexible to their needs.”

Gregg E.
Director of Counseling Programs

Tasks accomplished:

Actionable feedback provided directly to your program, or your students

Cloud-based video recording for location-independent session feedback

Expand experiential learning for students in the field

Enable expanded field placement opportunities

Fast and flexible supervision to meet students and supervisors on their terms

Field Experience Management for Students 

Students can match with the site, internship, or clinical that best aligns with their career goals, passions, and academic needs. Then, they can manage all the tasks they need during the experience. Plus, they get access for life to their CV! Check out Tevera’s CV Manager for Alumni to learn more.

Features for Students

Activity & Time Tracking Manager

Students can easily stay on track and manage all the activities, communications, and time they need to track.

Tasks accomplished:

Keep track of hours logged

Manage and track activities

Ensure all requirements are met to stay on track

Get data in and out quickly with an intuitive interface

Enter time on the go with a mobile-friendly interface

Site Placement Portal

No more lost paperwork! All documentation is stored directly in Tevera and routed to site supervisors in the system, so students don’t have to keep track of any physical copies.

Tasks accomplished:

Connect with a site and site supervisor in Tevera and submit all related paperwork directly in the app

See clear expectations laid out in one place to know everything that needs taking care of during the field experience

Keep site supervisors and program faculty in the loop with our seamless document delivery and progress tracking

Video Session Feedback

For schools that choose Video Assessment Manager, students benefit from fast and flexible video session feedback to amplify their learning and enhance their field experience.

More Ways to Give Students Feedback

“Tevera’s video assessment is working great! It’s allowing us to give video feedback to our students in more ways than ever and be flexible to their needs.”

Gregg E.
Director of Counseling Programs

Tasks accomplished:

Practice skills in the field through authentic client interactions

Easily share recordings so supervisors and peers can see you in action

Receive real-time feedback on competencies and dispositions

Catapult professional development with actionable insights

Field Experience Management for Field Supervisors

Sites get more engaged supervisees with Tevera because programs are better able to guide students to the best possible placement sites for all involved. On top of that, field supervisors are able to streamline all the paperwork and tasks involved to make the entire process easier.

Features for Field Supervisors

Activity & Time-Tracking Portal

Keep it easy with an intuitive portal that allows site supervisors to track student progress, sign and submit all necessary paperwork, and get more time back in the day to be able to scale supervision practices, if desired.

Tasks accomplished:

Keep an eye on the hours students have logged in Tevera

Review and sign off on students’ hours quickly and easily

Easy, user-friendly interfaces to quickly get data in and out

Field supervisors are notified when a task has been assigned to them

Field Experience Performance Portal for Faculty and Program Leadership

Quickly see student progress at micro and macro levels. Make sure everything is in place and everyone is on track to ensure program outcomes are met.

Features for Faculty and Program Leadership

Field Experience Performance Portal

Unlock program insights with easy-to-review dashboards that make sure everyone is up-to-date about progress at every level.

Tasks accomplished:

Easily review students’ field experience paperwork

At-a-glance view students’ hours to make sure they’re on track

With one click, see students’ placement information

Monitor student progress across all field-related tasks and assignments

CV Manager for Alumni

Tevera’s value for students doesn’t end at graduation. Alumni have lifelong access to our CV Manager for Alumni to keep them growing in their careers for years to come so that no matter where they go, they can keep thriving.

Features for Alumni

CV Manager

Stay on top of tracking progress towards licensure and keep an in-depth record of all school work, documentation, and field experience communication to make life after graduation easier.

Tasks accomplished:

Portfolio-like management for activities beyond field

Time and activity tracking for licensure requirements

Free forever access to their academic body of work

Secure data and document storage

Digital platform for professional development documentation, including CE credits

Manage licensure requirements across state lines