An Intuitive Document Interface Lets You Get Straight to the Point


Tevera’s document interface has the simplicity of an offline document with the sophistication of a networked system fit to your needs. The default view displays the document itself, while a series of collapsible tabs keeps you a click away from flexible viewing options, detailed document information, and ways to share and discuss the document with others.


  • Documents open directly to the form fields for fast and easy completion or review
  • An open document fills more of your workspace, keeping you centered on the task at-hand
  • Collapsible tabs in the upper right of your document provide further detail and expanded options for viewing and sharing with others.
  • A quick-access icon in the lower left corner provides a list of recently-opened docs, so you can pick up where you left off (Student Environment only).


  • Viewing options
    • Table of Contents (document collapsed to expandable section headers)
    • Long view (view all fields in a singular page)
    • Paged view (view fields by document section)
    • Print view (for when you’re feeling nostalgic and want an external PDF or hard copy)
  • Document details for organization and tracking
    • Who created the document and who it’s about
    • Dates document was created and completed
    • Document status from In Progress to Complete
  • Interactive features
    • Share
      • Quick visibility on who the document has been shared with
      • Share the document with someone new! (permissions-based)
    • Comments
      • Click on clearly-marked sections of a document to add a comment for collaboration and follow-up
      • Comment Navigation allows quick scrolling between document comments, so nothing gets overlooked

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