Managing Field Sites

Eliminate Paperwork for Better Reporting

Ditch the paperwork and start managing field documentation in a single database! Tevera provides your program with the tools to incorporate your own online forms, streamlining the electronic delivery and signing of affiliation agreements, evaluations, and more within an integrated platform.

Managing Field Sites

Shown: Document Management Interface

Integrated tools and workflows help simplify document delivery and management.

Consolidate Program Information

Bring your current program and field placement records & users into an integrated database.

Field Instructor Workspace

Field Instructors can access and submit documentation for all supervision requirements online in a workspace designed specifically for them.

Form Builder Lite

Build simple administrative forms in Tevera so that students, faculty, and field representatives can complete them online.

Visualize Task Completion

Auto-notifications and electronic signatures make it easy for field instructors to promptly complete evaluations and sign off on student hours.

Assignment Builder

Build out your class, cohort, or program assignments related to field experience so you can review all student documentation in one place.

Student Lifetime Access

Students take their body of work with them into their professional career, with read-only access to all of their online documents.

Multiple Assignment Types

Create a variety of assignments: Offline, Document Uploads, Online Forms, Tracks (field requirement lists), and Reports.

Collect Alumni Statistics

Gain insight into your alumni’s licensure journey and gainful employment through online delivery and submission of post-graduation surveys.

Assignment Progress Tracking

Students can access and complete everything needed for field experience online. Assignment statuses help them track progress at a glance.

Class, Cohort, & Program Reports

Reports on student, site, and program performance provide key metrics in support of accreditation related to field experience.

Integrated Communication

Real-time communication with faculty and field supervisors allows students direct feedback on documents and overall performance.

Prove Program Competence

Tevera’s secure, streamlined digital record houses all your program documentation regarding student outcomes and professional development.

Monitor and Grade Assignments

View assignments for each of your students with the ability to track assignment status, request changes, approve, and grade.

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