A Custom Assessment + Tevera Helps The Chicago School Achieve CACREP Accreditation

Dr. Lori Soli of The Chicago School wanted an integrated, intuitive software solution that would help her achieve and maintain CACREP accreditation. With more than 4,300 students across six campuses and online, Dr. Soli had no shortage of data but no way to easily organize or use it. Not only was she dealing with data management issues but she also needed a solution that would securely deliver a custom assessment and help her manage placement sites and track student performance.

A Custom Assessment but No Way to Deliver It

Besides the data management challenge, Dr. Soli was also seeking a way to deliver an original assessment she helped create called the Dispositions, Skills, and Knowledge Competencies Assessment (DSKCA). She had created it to help would-be counselors determine if this was the right career for them and it worked great, if people could take it. She tried out a few delivery options, including SurveyMonkey but none were FERPA-compliant or made it easy to analyze the results. 

Managing Placement Sites and Student Learning Outcomes

At the same time, Dr. Soli was launching The Chicago School’s CMHC Online program. She knew that whatever delivery solution she chose to utilize for her assessment also would need to be able to manage placement sites, track student performance, and develop students’ career skills in support of professional certifications and licensure.

The Amazing Internship Management Solution

Dr. Soli was already exploring Tevera for its practicum and internship management capabilities and when she learned that it was also capable of housing the DSKCA, the decision was easy. Now, in one secure location, Dr. Soli and her team can send out assessments, track student progress, and manage site placements. The data is always available, secure, and she no longer needs to worry if anything is missing. 

To achieve and maintain an accreditation like CACREP, this easy access to reports was essential and as she said, “Tevera captures so easily who’s being assessed, who they’re being assessed by, and when. When you’re pulling reports, all of that data is there at your fingertips… that’s amazing!”

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