12 07, 2019

Faculty Supervisor Workspace


The redesigned faculty/supervision workspace uses tiles to help you quickly and easily navigate to the workspace you need to be in. Every workspace has been designed to help you do a specific type of task; from creating and reviewing assignments, to auditing a student’s time records, and documents in their dashboard.

Faculty Supervisor Workspace2020-02-14T12:25:27-05:00
12 07, 2019

Tutorial Workspace


Your time is valuable and we want to set you up for success with Tevera, so we’ve created a new Tutorials workspace to help you with both! The workspace includes tutorials that will guide new users and current users alike through informative training content in a very short amount of time.

Tutorial Workspace2019-07-12T17:55:29-04:00
12 07, 2019

Product Enhancements: Week of 7/12/19


A series of changes have been completed for mobile timesheets to help make Tevera easier to use for customers with various accessibility needs. This includes updates to colors for low vision or colorblind users, better keyboard navigation, and updates to provide a better experience for those customers using voiceover and screen reader software. 

Product Enhancements: Week of 7/12/192020-01-21T10:04:19-05:00