12 07, 2019

Tutorial Workspace

Your time is valuable and we want to set you up for success with Tevera, so we’ve created a new Tutorials workspace to help you with both! The workspace includes tutorials that will guide new users and current users alike through informative training content in a very short amount of time.

7 09, 2018

Field Instructor UI

Field instructors now have a space specifically designed to help them complete their supervision tasks and visualize supervisees’ progress. Tevera’s online workspace keeps you up to date on the exact actions required of you and by whom. Celebrate the rewards of field instruction as you watch your task list decrease and your supervisees’ growth clearly noted.

7 08, 2018

Time Approval

Tevera’s optional Time Approval feature now makes it easy for students to validate time toward graduation and licensure. Students can quickly submit individual time records to their field instructor for review and approval.