Profiles in Care: A Journey from Social Worker to Dean to Software Consultant

2023-07-06T10:24:00-04:00Blog, Higher Education, Member Profile, Technology|

We have had the pleasure of working with and learning from a social worker-turned-dean-turned-tech consultant, for a while now. Her story, starting as a social worker and ending with her as a software consultant for social work programs, is a fascinating exploration of what it means to serve others at every stage in one’s career.

How Social Workers are Using Technology and Data to Improve Public Health

2023-07-06T10:26:53-04:00Blog, Higher Education, Program Management, Technology|

Social workers are embracing data-sharing and technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve public health. Social work programs across the U.S. are embracing technology and harnessing the power of data to better manage the future of their school and prepare their students for the future.

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