Build Program and Course Requirements in a Single Location


Tevera’s Assignment Builder streamlines class management by letting faculty and administrators create a series of assignments across the course of a semester or an entire program. Assignment Builder provides one-stop access and simplified class instruction, ensuring everyone’s on the same page about what’s due when.


  • Five assignment types provide the flexibility needed to set up all your program and course requirements in one system:
    • Online Forms
    • Document Uploads
    • Reports
    • Time Tracks
    • Offline Assignments
  • User-friendly templates allow you to:
    • include assignment instructions
    • set start dates and due dates
    • order assignments sequentially
    • assign tasks to specific roles or users as needed


  • Create course syllabi right within the software; they’ll be automatically available to every student enrolled in the designated program or class/group
  • A quick-copy feature makes it a cinch to reuse assignments and update due dates for a different class or new term
  • Students can view and access all their class and program assignments in one place in Tevera’s new student interface, helping them plan ahead and complete requirements on time
  • Online Forms with required signatures (such as evaluations or assessments) automatically prompt users to review and sign, giving both students and instructors greater visibility on task completion
  • Customizable rules for review and approval of an assignment offer faculty and administrators greater oversight of all their students’ progress and documentation – in one convenient location
Published On: July 12th, 2018 / Categories: Feature, Product News /