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Manage, Measure & Report Student Learning Outcomes

Assessment Management

Partnerships to improve assessment management and accreditation processes

Tevera is partnering with the University of Central Florida and Glenn Lambie, Ph.D. to integrate and deliver The Counseling Competencies Scale—Revised© (CCS-R) assessment in a new online format, helping counseling programs measure key competencies aligned CACREP 2016 standards. This partnership highlights the value of Clinical Training Manager to manage assessments of any type and the CCS-R specifically as a tool for programs aligned to CACREP 2016 standards.

Partner with Tevera

Please contact us if you are interested in partnering with us to offer content to our growing network of college programs.

Assessment Management
Tevera streamlines documentation and reporting with integrated assessment management tools.

Streamlined workflows & SLOs

Tevera provides Administrators, Students, and Site Supervisors a seamless way to complete and report on Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs). Streamlined workflows allow users a hassle-free way to document and view results and generate robust SLO reports with a few simple clicks.

All-in-one assessment database

With Tevera’s all-in-one database, accreditation-centric assessment results are easily accessible, dramatically reducing the time and expense associated with tracking down forms and documenting results, allowing program administrators time to focus on analysis and improvement, not paperwork.

The Counseling Competencies Scale—Revised© (CCS-R)

The Counseling Competencies Scale—Revised© (CCS-R) is an empirically tested assessment instrument designed to measure counselor competencies in the domains of (a) counseling skills and therapeutic relationships and (b) professional dispositions and behaviors, which aligns with CACREP (2016) Standards.

The CCS-R© is offered as an option to your Tevera membership.


“An Innovative Platform for Counselor Education Programs”

“Tevera is an innovative platform for counselor education programs and their students, providing tools to: (a) track and evaluate counseling trainees’ clinical experiences; (b) manage clinical experience placements and sites; and (c) collect alumni and programmatic data to strengthen accreditation processes.”

Glenn Lambie, Ph.D., NCC, NCS, CCMHC
Professor and Chair, Department of Child, Family and Community Science
University of Central Florida

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