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From an administrative perspective, the clinical training experience is a notorious source of frustration for everyone involved. That is, until Will Snow, Ph.D., Director, M.A. Counseling Program at Palo Alto University, challenged us to streamline the process.    


Palo Alto University offers a CACREP-accredited  Master’s Degree in Counseling with areas of emphasis in Marriage, Family, and Child, as well as Clinical Mental Health.  It offers programs in both online and on-campus formats and serves 350 students from around the country, as well as internationally.


Tevera, a customizable practicum and internship software solution developed specifically to make every administrative aspect of the counseling accreditation process easier.

  • Collaborated with Palo Alto University to help identify a key market need to improve an existing labor- and time-intensive process
  • Designed a system that revolves around the features identified by customers as those most needed to maximize impact and usability
  • Created an integrated software solution to manage the numerous records involved in clinical training management, student outcomes, and more

Mining Tevera’s EHR Heritage to Solve a Pressing Academic Problem

Adam brought Randy Zimmerman, Tevera’s CEO and co-founder of EHR provider Procentive, into the picture, and with a team of developers, began assessing the needs of other counseling (and social work) programs. What they discovered was a situation exactly as Dr. Snow described: programs like his, all across the country, cobbling together their own systems because integrated solutions to manage the numerous records involved in clinical training management, student outcomes, and more were either nonexistent or extremely limited.

Seeing an opportunity to provide genuine value to a community they were committed to serve, the company (soon to be known as Tevera) made it their mission to develop an integrated practicum and internship management system.

Creating an All-in-One Solution to Ease the Administrative Burden

Initially, we called Tevera’s solution Clinical Training Manager (CTM), and focused it on the clinical experience. We were also fortunate to enlist Palo Alto University as one of our first test cases, and Dr. Snow as an early adopter and advisor — a role he unofficially remains in to this day.

When Dr. Snow realized that CTM could do what his school was relying on its student portfolio manager and reporting software to do, he quickly dropped them  and adopted Tevera for these functions, along with practicum and internship placement, time tracking, and document delivery.

That’s when we really knew that if we kept doing what we were doing — asking customers and the staff at CACREP and NBCC what they needed, using those conversations to inform continuous improvements to the system, and recruiting a responsive support team — Tevera was destined to earn a valued place in counseling education programs.

The big question: Why did Dr. Snow put his own reputation on the line to help develop Tevera?

That question is best answered by Dr. Snow himself: “We were involved with Tevera from the start, and took a significant risk. The software could have blown up in my face. What made me [get involved]? I got to know Randy and Adam very well; I learned to trust them. Randy was always talking about ‘patient care,’ ‘caring about care,’ and ‘authentic care.’ He has a passion for improving the mental health care system. And Adam was more than a sales rep. He was always listening to us and taking our suggestions on what we needed built into the system to support us.”

“I was confident that in addition to the right attitudes, they had the technical expertise to pull this off. What I can ensure is that Randy, Adam, and the Tevera staff have the right attitude, expertise, and commitment for improving health care, which is why I am still involved with the group and am looking forward to the future!”

William Snow, Ph.D.
Palo Alto University

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