Executive Summary

Once a Tevera-using student himself, Don Lewis now helps students in the helping professions at Thomas University use Tevera to keep track of their hours and documents.

The Challenge

Don Lewis, a recent graduate and Career Center Director, is familiar with using Tevera to manage information as both a student and employee at Thomas University in Thomasville, Georgia. After working in sales and marketing for 35 years, Don came upon Thomas University and decided to “throw his hat in the ring” in a new field of education and work. When he came to Thomas University, they were transitioning from another tracking platform to Tevera which “saved hours every week and was much easier to use and more dynamic.”

With Tevera, Don was able to integrate his student experience into one central place where he could upload documents, find permanent records, and view evaluations from supervisors and instructors. Now, Don works at the Career Center, supervising eight interns. He has administrative access to Tevera so he can look at interns’ paperwork, change end dates, and more.

The Solution

Don not only appreciates the record-tracking element of the platform, but also the customer service that comes from Tevera. For example, while getting ready for the new school year, the university needed a way to train students on how to use Tevera.

Although it was a busy time of year, Tevera and university staff were able to work closely together in teaching students how to use Tevera, making it a smooth transition for both staff and students.

“Being able to marry information gathering and managing fieldwork is incredible. But being able to see all of that in one picture? It’s terrific. And recently we used Tevera to help us with the application process for an important new grant for our counseling masters students. It made this aspect of the grant smooth and seamless and a permanent part of their counseling records!”

Don Lewis, Career Center Director & Tevera Program Admin | Thomas University

The Impact

Don is the first to say that he’s had a wonderful experience with Tevera as both student and as a program administrator. 

Don’s favorite things about Tevera: 

  • Great support and readily available training 
  • Interns can easily access documents and record hours 
  • Everything is saved and accessible in one place with Tevera 

Don says he is especially grateful to Tevera for its role in helping to manage the new grant, and thus Tevera played a role in securing the grant as well as we had a great resource for management. The aim of this grant is to expand educational support to counseling students who are interested in working in rural and other underserved areas.

“Through the help of Tevera we were able to create the application form, upload the documents, and manage the data effectively. We’ll be using Tevera to manage the reporting data throughout the life of the grant and will certainly be using it when we reapply. Thanks, Tevera!”

Don Lewis, Career Center Director & Tevera Program Admin | Thomas University

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